Why open APIs are vital for modern communication

Open APIs mean unlimited software integration and customisation possibilities – and businesses who capitalise on this can optimise their communication workflows

Why open APIs are vital for modern communication

In the past, application programming interfaces (APIs), the building blocks of computer programs, were designed to just encapsulate basic functionality for internal end users. In fact, they were mainly used to incorporate features in the likes of mobile and web applications. However, as the digital world continues to evolve APIs are becoming much more agile, flexible and open, with access to top market apps and deep customisation.

That’s because today’s customers need much more than one-size-fits-all solutions, particularly when it comes to communications. Organisations across all industries are beginning to release their APIs to third-party developers, partners and suppliers, allowing amore innovative, seamless and adaptive software.

For resellers and value-added resellers, engaging clients and end users with state-of-the-art communication is excellent. However, if they don’t use open APIs the drawbacks become obvious for these reasons.

Familiarity breeds content

Working with a partner offering open APIs allows seamless access to leading market apps and broad customisation to cater for different customers. In turn, this unlocks opportunities for new functionality in existing workplace systems, so end users can continue to use tools and resources they rely on most.

Everybody’s a winner

It’s not just end customers who benefit from the introduction of open APIs. Companies can drastically enhance employee experiences, with the ability to combine all different components of business workflow into the same unified environment. After all, at a time when customer experience is the most crucial differentiator in any business, it’s not enough to be a one-size-fits-all provider.

Barrier busting

Open APIs ensure partners and end users don’t have to adhere to specific guidelines when accessing new technology. They instead open the door for unlimited innovation by giving the freedom to use tools however someone sees fit. 

For example, the RingCentral Connect platform provide a range of cloud software development kits (SDKs) and APIs, seeing developers access voice, fax, account configurations  and communication data. This complete freedom to explore, along with industry-standard RESTful APIs, means partners and end users can leverage technology however they see fit.  

Visibility clear

An open environment gives users much-needed visibility with access to data teams are already managing, such as business rules, call logs, presence and messaging. For instance, service agents are able see who’s calling their team then access contextual history to provide a more relevant experience.

No application is built to suit everyone’s needs. But having access to an open interface turns workforces more productive, offers insights into valuable business activities and keeps customers satisfied with ease. 

This article comes courtesy of RingCentral, the cloud-based communication system provider. Discover what you can do with RingCentral apps and integrations today

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