The hot list – September 2013

It’s a month of both glad news and bad news. Samsung have filed a patent for the ‘Galaxy Gear’, its own smartwatch but the Ubuntu Edge, the mobile/desktop hybrid, is unlikely to see life. Still, there are plenty of pretty products to ease our pain

The hot list - September 2013

Google Nexus 7


Just when the ripples have finally begun to calm, the Google Nexus 7 is likely to make yet another splash with its latest regeneration. Lighter, sporting a rubberised back and slimmed down considerably, it also includes stereo speakers, something thus far only achieved competently by the Kindle. Where the new Nexus 7 really excels though is with its astonishing 323-pixel-per-inch display, knocking even the Retina iPad into a cocked hat and throwing down the gauntlet for Apple to really do something special with its tablets or face losing its lead.



Ziiiro Gravity


Here at Elite Business, we’re after innovation and individuality in our timepieces, and this means capturing a certain grace and simplicity often found wanting in fussier, complication-heavy watches. The Ziiiro Gravity looks sufficiently futuristic to satisfy our sci-fi yearnings, while the colourful rings that replace the crasser time-telling mechanisms of hands and numerals have a distinct flat-design panache. All in all, some very iconic wrist-wear.





It takes a certain type of personality to pull off a Vessel in your bathroom. Part of a limited run of 12 by design firm Splinterworks, this carbon-fibre tub is intended to blend the relaxation of both hammock and bath, suspending the bather in its languorous carbon-fibre curves. The way it sensuously cradles the body also leaves us thinking that it might be suitable for couples looking to get a little more than just relaxation out of their bathtime.





Lima may not look like much; however, packed into this tiny box and its accompanying software is a whole lot of magic. Plug in a USB hard-drive and an ethernet cable and you can access terabytes of data from every device you own, meaning even the humblest of smartphones can handle the total back catalogue of Dusty Springfield and Frank Zappa combined. Which is perhaps why Lima has smashed its crowdfunding target more than tenfold, achieving a whopping $1m with a clear two weeks left to spare of its funding period.




App: Mac

There are plenty of reasons why developers might want to go the direct download route, rather than plumping for the App Store. In these circumstances, DMGs are the way to go to but, unfortunately, wrapping your app up with a little bow can be a stressful process. Well, think of DropDMG as a ‘developer’s little helper’. Creating simple disk images is as straightforward as a drag and drop; even creating beautiful, branded packages is comparatively hassle free, meaning you’ll be making direct sales with a touch of class. 


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