The hot list – October 2013

Given this is the month that sees the launch of the first smartwatch contender from a large corporate, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, we felt it was time we took a proper in-depth look at all the wearable tech currently hitting the market

The hot list - October 2013

Galaxy Gear


Well here it is. The first smartwatch to market from one of the big smartphone brands. Whilst lacking some of the persistent sci-fi rumours that have attached themselves to the smartwatch market from day one – there are no flexible displays here – the Galaxy Gear has plenty of neat features to make it an interesting proposition. A built-in camera, speaker and stereo microphones allow you to shoot 720p movies as well as make and receive calls via a paired Samsung phone. Throw in standard features such as notifications and controlling music playback and the Gear looks like a pretty impressive piece of kit.


Ring Clock


It’s fair to say that if you’re a fully fledged wearable-tech disciple, you’re gonna run out of spare wrists pretty fast. So where does that leave the humble (non-smart) timepiece? On your pinky. Ring Clock is an LED-lit, finger-mounted horological wonder. Give it a little twist and its numbers light up, displaying the correct time whilst leaving your forearms free for chatting, snapping and tracking.




Ever since seeing Star Trek characters don uniforms affixed with Universal Translators, we dreamed of the days a simple accessory could allow us to converse eloquently across international or intergalactic language barriers. Sigmo has brought us a step closer, allowing you to both talk to and understand others in more than 25 languages by merely speaking into  the unit, which can be mounted on clothing, wrist or necklace alike. Whilst Klingon isn’t yet one of the tongues covered, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.




Sometimes in life you might hear something that tickles you just right. Whether it’s an off-the-cuff witticism from a friend or your niece’s adorable non sequitur, by the time you’ve loaded up your phone’s recorder app it’s already far too late. Kapture is a quirky contrivance which perpetually records a loop of sound; hear something you wish you’d caught, you just press the button and it saves the last 60 seconds to your phone. Preserving conversational gaffes for posterity has never been easier.




Wearable security solutions have one glaringly obvious flaw: they take but a moment’s work to steal, compromising at once all of your devices. Which is what makes Nymi from Bionym such an innovative solution – the wristband is coded to something that cannot be taken: your heartbeat. Coming with gesture recognition and aiming to replace everything from smartphone passwords, secure payment solutions and even your keys, wearing your heart on your sleeve with Nymi really could become the security solution we’ve all been looking for. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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