The hot list – November 2013

This month, the Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5s are touching gloves, waiting to see which will be declared winner. Let’s get ready to rumble...

The hot list - November 2013

Galaxy Note 3


A former heavyweight, coming as it does with a positively Herculean 151x79mm 386ppi screen, the newest Galaxy Note has nonetheless dropped a weight class since its last appearance, coming back thinner and lighter. Its main weapon is still its S Pen, and it’s packaged with some additional functionality this time round. This is backed up by a great battery and the fact it’s only the second device to come with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. A solidly built, no nonsense device that certainly won’t be pulling any punches on the market.

iPhone 5s


Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5s is more of a featherweight entrant with a focus on style and agility. However, whilst still only packing a 326ppi display, it can certainly throw a heck of a punch, coming as it does with the new Apple A7 chip that promises twice as much power as its predecessor. But it’s defence is where this old stalwart comes into its own; its new fingerprint recognition may just be enough to see off the competition and ensure the iPhone retains the belt for some time yet.

Stir Kinetic Desk


One unfortunate barrier to getting active at your workstation is the relative inactivity of your desk. Either you slump at a low desk all day or you get a high workspace and stand until your legs turn to petrified stumps. Gladly, Stir have provided an alternative with their kinetic desk, allowing you to vary the height of your desk throughout the day to best suit your posture and energy levels. The desk even learns from your patterns, knowing when to vary things up and when to leave you be. Staying active has never been so effortless.


App: Mac  

Generally, as far as the last 20 years of web design have been concerned, you either code or you get out of the garage; WYSIWYG editors are seen to output ineffective, messy code that simply creates more problems than it solves. Which is why Macaw is set to ruffle some feathers; its promise to output clean, functional code combined with a truly beautiful UI and simplistic approach has already got many a jaw wagging. Could we be seeing the tool that finally closes the rift between designers and programmers? Only time will tell.

Origami wood lamp series


A Kickstarter veteran, the first batch of Aesthetic Design’s Origami Wood Lamps should have begun shipping in October 2013 and boy do they look beautiful. Made from a special veneer, the two designs for the Origami Wood lamps, the ‘arrow’ and the ‘loop’, are the product of extensive prototyping – as well as, we imagine, no small quantity of screwed up paper. The end result is a pair of lamps imbued with the effortless grace of their inspiration, stark and geometric yet possessing a wonderful minimalism. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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