The hot list – May 2013

Finding desirable gadgets is getting easier all the time. With the launch of Wantr, the Pinterest-style network for tracking your fave stores and products, the Elite tech team has gone into aspirational overdrive. Here are a few of our favourite goodies

The hot list - May 2013



Occasionally, a Kickstarter bid comes along that seems to bypass logic and instead plug straight into your imagination. The Lumio is one such project. A description of a ‘folding book lamp’ scarcely does it justice. It really does, as its Kickstarter strapline professes, have infinite possibilities; whether used as a beautiful portable light source or a captivating and flexible piece of mood lighting around the home, it certainly kicks a standard lamp well into touch. 


Leap Motion


Touch screen has gradually faded in novelty and, rapidly, the new frontier of device input is becoming contactless control. Leap Motion is one of the most promising offerings we’ve seen; the device tracks hand motions and allows you to accurately manipulate objects on screen. It can even differentiate between thumb and finger movements, meaning a Minority-Report-style interface is no longer out of reach.



App: web

Markdown writing apps aren’t for everybody. Fortunately, cloud and collaborative option Draft packs enough novel features to win over a lot of floating voters. Collaboration, Dropbox integration and publishing direct to WordPress and Tumblr are small fry in comparison to its eponymous drafting feature, which allows you to view your document side-by-side with previous drafts and revise with ease. Refining and honing work has never been so easy.




There are certain things you cannot overstate. Case in point: if you aren’t almost disturbingly excited by the Flaye then you probably need to get your libido checked. Its foldout mechanism and its languid curves communicate an impossibly perfect poise. And, given it’s available in a choice of six woods and with a trim of one of 23 shades of leather, it will certainly steal the scene in any boardroom. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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