The hot list – July 2013

Whilst the tech world is still reeling from Edward Snowden’s leaks, it’s worth noting that there’s still plenty going on in the tech world to smile about

The hot list - July 2013

Sony Xperia Tablet Z


Rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel, Sony has focused on making sure that every function the Xperia Tablet Z performs is carried out to the highest standard. It’s incredibly lightweight, the thinnest tablet on the market at 7mm, packs both a powerful processor and camera, and carries the same waterproofing that has already set the Xperia series apart. Will you be boring your grandchildren to tears extolling its virtues in generations to come? Probably not. Is it the best tablet on the market right now? Almost certainly yes.



ONDU pinhole camera


Instagram has killed off a lot of the artistry and aesthetics involved in photography. The ONDU pinhole camera couldn’t be further from a smartphone if it tried. Successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2013 and due to ship this October, the ONDU is lovingly crafted from wood, entirely lenseless and shoots direct onto film. Additionally, its manual shutter means elements such as exposure are entirely in your hands, so your beautiful snaps are your own work, not your filter’s.


Solo 2

App: iPhone

If you’re like us, you’ve wasted more time trying out project management tools than any hours those tools have saved you, so if you’re going to try something new it’ll have to be pretty special. Fortunately Solo 2 is just that. Offering more functionality than you can shake a stick at, including contact management and invoicing, where it really shines is its clean, minimal graphical user interface. Smooth and uncluttered without sacrificing functionality, Solo 2 could be a lifesaver.


Ural Fashion


Few entrepreneurs we know are Harley riders and the testosterone-steeped world of superbikes is just a little 1990s for our liking. But just occasionally a motorbike comes along that just exudes classic status. The Ural Fashion, from Ukranian custom builder Dozer Garage, is an absolute beauty, its copper finishing and coffee-coloured bodywork giving it a look that is effortlessly cool. As an expression of individuality for your average tech entrepreneur, it really can’t be beat. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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