The hot list – January 2013

Sometimes, investing in your tech solutions is the best way to save cash, which is why it’s important to shop smart. Consider us your personal shopper and take a look at the goodies we’ve delivered for your delectation

The hot list – January 2013


When the first iMac was released, it was nigh on impossible to imagine squeezing a powerful desktop computer in the same space as a standard CRT. With the latest model, you can’t help feel that same sense of shock. It’s thin. Very thin. Enough even to make the Macbook Air feel a little self-conscious. And yet for such a featherweight device it packs plenty of punch; the optional breakthrough Fusion Drive, combining the best of flash storage and hard drive, can perform up to 3.5 times faster than a 1TB 7200-rpm hard drive and still brings an impressive 3TB of storage. Not bad given that, at its edge, it’s about as thick as the magazine you’re reading.



How many times have you been working on something and realised that vital customer query you meant to follow up on fell beside the wayside? Well, those days are done. No matter what your line of work, the Streak CRM plugin helps sort and track your Google Mail inbox by task, meaning your task management and your emails are no longer arch-enemies.



Given our article on customer service this month, you may be wondering about ways you can punch up the quality of your customer experiences. FreshDesk is a streamlined solution dealing with support, allowing both customers and agents to raise tickets and providing handy reports on the numbers of issues raised and those resolved. It also works with your customers, allowing them to track their tickets and ensuring feedback provided via social networks doesn’t slip between the cracks.


Asus Taichi

Necessity is the mother of invention. Which is why many tech innovators are currently beavering away to create an effective laptop/tablet hybrid. All else aside, the Asus Taichi is definitely the most novel solution to the problem, adding a touch screen to the device’s outer case. Given it also comes with the more desktop friendly Windows 8 Pro and boasts screen sharing options, it certainly offers an interesting solution for those wanting to avoid dual-wielding devices. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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