The hot list – February 2014

The ramifications of the David and Goliath case twixt mobile tech firm Vringo and Google, for infringed IP used in the latter’s AdWords service, remain to be seen but there are still lots of new gadgets hitting the shelves. Here are a few of our faves

The hot list – February 2014

MakerBot Replicator Z18 

Say what you like about its move away from open-source hardware; MakerBot certainly puts together a mighty impressive product for a comparatively small price-tag. As demoed at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show and due for release this spring, the Replicator Z18 has the largest build volume of any MakerBot 3D printer to date, clocking in at a whopping 12 x 12 x 18 inches and printing at a teensy 100 micrometre resolution. At just £4,000, this is an excellent option for enterprises looking to prototype large items at a comparatively low cost.


Dell M115HD projector 

Given the proliferation of presentation apps available for tablets and smartphones, you might wonder how you’re supposed to really utilise your natty slideshows wherever you go. Bam. Portable projector. Recognising that the vast majority of entrepreneurs need tech that goes where they do, the Dell M115HD projector puts out an impressively high quality image despite its diminutive stature and takes HDMI, VGA and USB inputs. Whether you’re cranking out a powerpoint or just fancy playing giant Angry Birds in Starbucks, make sure you don’t overlook this dinky bit of kit.



When you’re making plans for your start-up, the adage a picture is worth a thousand words certainly holds water, which is why mood boards can be incredibly useful. Unfortunately they’re also a faff to digitise and difficult to share. iPad app Curator neatly addresses these problems, offering a way to collect creative inspiration together. And it has one up on Pinterest in that you can also collect text and websites, which makes setting and communicating your brand voice a breeze.



There’s nothing the health-conscious entrepreneur loves more than cycling but you may feel the unimaginative old cycle could do with a reboot more in keeping with London’s hipster-friendly boroughs. Kokkedal’s bikes do just that. Bringing a taste of classic style yet introducing modern flourishes to the frame, these cycles should definitely introduce some pedal-based pizzazz to our high streets.


mophie space pack

Now smartphone batteries have a lifespan that would make a mayfly count its blessings, chances are you already own a back-up battery for your phone. And one battery is as good as another right? Wrong. Not only does mophie’s space pack come with an extra charge in its tiny package but it’s the first pack to include more storage space for your iPhone, providing you with an additional 16GB or 32GB. The space pack is expanding the capacity of your phone in more ways than one. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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