The hot list – February 2013

This time of year is never easy for an entrepreneur, wondering if a few flakes of the white stuff will bring their enterprise to a shuddering halt. Fortunately, tech developers aren’t so easily derailed, so we still have a whole host of new tech to share

The hot list - February 2013

HTC Windows Phone 8S


Apple’s high-profile patent war with rival Samsung shows many a toe is being trodden on with carbon-copy smartphone designs. And this is one of the things that’s so refreshing about HTC Windows Phone 8S. It looks unique; rather than apeing its competitors, it has established its own identity. It’s not without flaws – it lacks a front-facing camera and doesn’t have an HD screen. But for its price, (£240), it’s certainly an attractive and decent value offering.


Krups Automatic Espresso EA9000


Being able to get coffee fresh from the bean when you enter the office in the morning is a prospect sumptuous enough to make any entrepreneur’s soul sing. But making a quality espresso can be a messy process that perhaps sits at odds with a busy office space. This is something that makes the self-cleaning Automatic Espresso EA9000 a rather inviting prospect. It’s a pricey devil, (£1,299.95), but hassle-free boutique coffee is worth the cost.


Gmail for iPhone

App: iPhone

Because of its catch-all nature, the iPhone’s native Mail app is lacking in some key areas. One of the main issues is, due to the fact only a small collection of emails are stored on your phone, finding that email you were sent two months ago is nigh on impossible. This is one of the nice perks of Google’s new dedicated Gmail app, allowing a closer connection with your Gmail accounts on the go.




App: web

Tools that concentrate on financial management are ten-a-penny. But SigFig is something else entirely, turning the attention others pay to your wallet to your investment portfolio. Allowing you to track your broker or your individual personal options, SigFig lets you monitor the progress of your portfolio, providing a suite of analytics and tools to help you compare your options to the wider markets. Clever stuff. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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