The hot list – August 2013

Another year, another major change on Facebook. You can bet that there is going to be a fair amount of griping about its new Graph Search feature. Fortunately, some things don’t change: we have another selection of top tech to take your mind off things

The hot list - August 2013

Nokia Lumia 925


Nokia has taken a bit of a bashing in recent years and it’s easy to underestimate the company in light of this. However, it has been pitching some pretty serious kit of late and the Lumia 925 is the sort of tech around which Nokia’s fortunes might change. A premium Windows phone with a great screen, excellent camera and a whole suite of additional Nokia freebies make this an excellent challenger to some of the big boys.



App: iPhone

We rate business plans pretty highly here at Elite Business, which is why the lack of tools to help structure them has always frustrated us. You can imagine our delight then that MakinMoves has ably barrelled into the breach and brought us Elevatr, a note-taking app specifically designed around hammering out a comprehensive business plan. Graphically speaking, the app is a treat with its minimal, flat and yet colourful design – and it’s also a handy way to plot business ideas on the move.


Decahedron Fire Pit


Thanks to the recent warm weather, we are all getting good use out of our gardens again, meaning some new outdoor furniture might not go amiss. The Decahedron Fire Pit from DogBiscuit Designs is crafted out of a naturally finished plate steel that oxidises to a warm rustic russet. Whether chucking a few steaks on its grill or gathering round it with friends for a glass or two of Merlot, the Decahedron Fire Pit provides a gorgeous geometric focal point for your patio.




A gradual realisation that dawns as you get older is that space is probably not something you will ever get to experience – unless you’re rather chummy with old Beardy, of course. However, PocketSpacecraft is here to give you a taste of that freedom, allowing you to send your own pocket spaceship out into the inky black and have unlimited access to the data that comes back. This crowd-managed and crowd-funded moon mission means every one of us can now take that giant leap.



AvroKO/Bombay Sapphire East Gin Wheel


Life is all about beautiful pairings. Some, like this one between international design don AvroKO and household favourite Bombay Sapphire East Gin, just take your breath away. Handcrafted from walnut, this turntable can bring a touch of class to any soiree. Providing concealed alcoves and cutting surfaces, the gin wheel gives you a place to store your peppercorns, citrus fruits and cinnamon sticks, and comes with all the tools needed to make a truly first class G&T. 


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