The hot list – October 2012

There have been some big developments this month, including the official launch of EE's 4G network. But obviously the colossal 4”-retina-displayed, A6-chipped elephant in the room is Apple’s iPhone 5. And for that you will need to read on

The hot list – October 2012

ROK espresso maker


We like coffee here at Elite. The same way that cats like warm laps and indiscriminate violence. Which is why the idea of making first-class espresso with nothing more than a kettle and a little elbow grease is so appealing. As well as making first-rate coffee, the ROK espresso maker is the prettiest kitchen gadget we’ve seen in a long time.


The Mu


A modern dichotomy: you’re always on the go but the average smartphone has a 14-minute battery life. Either you heave around a laptop just to juice your mobile or you carry around clunky adapters. In steps the Mu (pictured above). A USB / plug adapter that folds away to a neat pinless package, the Mu happily fits into a pocket. We guarantee this little chap will save your life.


iPhone 5


Sometimes Apple products are placed in the unenviable position of having to compete with their own hype. Fortunately the iPhone 5 delivers. It’s thinner and lighter yet still has room for a larger screen. It’s faster, more powerful and, whilst there’s currently few apps on the market that’ll make it break a sweat, it’s a phone with an eye on the future.

App: Web

Infographics are a beautiful way to get your point across. They’re also usually pretty labour intensive. Not anymore. Whether producing graphics to dazzle your boss or to wow thousands of consumers on your website, offers a free solution for producing amazing visual data. With a picture is definitely worth a thousand words.



App: Android

Q&A service Quora is far from a new arrival on the scene. But that doesn’t mean its port to Android isn’t rather welcome news. Bridging the gap between knowledge resource and social network, Quora aims to put you in touch with the people who can provide you with everything you need to know. And now it’s hit the Android market, it’s just that little bit easier to answer those burning questions wherever you are.

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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