The hot list

With more tech and apps coming out every day, trawling the net trying to stay ahead of the curve has become a bit of a chore.

The hot list

That’s why we’ve handpicked the freshest and finest for your delectation. So kick back. Put your feet up. And enjoy some of the loveliest business tech available


Next provides excellent hands-on project management. Aside, that is, when you’re more than twenty feet from a router. D’oh! Everest removes this little snag, allowing you to use Basecamp Next on the go. Its clean interface and decent connectivity means you’ll never again be more than a few finger swipes from your project.  app Android

Raspberry Pi

 We know what you’re thinking. ‘Isn’t Raspberry Pi a toy for school children?’ In a word: yes. In a few more words Raspberry Pi (featured here in the stunning Pibow case from Pimoroni) is also a micro-processor. It’s a budget programming dream. And it’s £29. Four times more powerful than the iPhone 4 and a tenth of the price. Development platform. Low-cost server. And no bigger than a credit card – truly your new flexible friend. Hardware


 Pride, the latest iPhone app from Double Dutch, enters the crowded market of project management apps. Where it stands out from the crowd is its friendly social media feel, encouraging punchy status updates on current objectives. Incentivised leaderboards give a nice touch to collaborative work. And it’s also cute as a button.  app iPhone


 Small company? Can’t justify a massive HR department? In steps Resumator. For a web based app, Resumator has absurdly good functionality. You can set up vacancies. Generate job sites for your organisation. Track and collaboratively view applicants. Store and search through CVs. It’s so slick soon you’ll be hiring and firing like Sir Alan himself.  app Web


 Every business relies on at least a few web-based tools. Basecamp. Dropbox. Gmail. Trello. All great apps. But they don’t always play nice. Zapier is the family therapist of your web-based toolkit. It integrates your software, breaking down all those awkward boundaries and getting your apps to talk to each other. No surprises therefore, that it’s an absolute life-saver  app Web


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