Telephones used to be so simple

You had a desk phone at work, a mobile for personal calls and perhaps a company mobile as well...


Times have changed, however. According to Statista, there were 4.2 million self-employed workers in the UK in late 2022. Moreover, home working and hybrid working have become commonplace since the Covid-19 lockdowns.

This new normal is changing our whole relationship with the telecoms sector. We welcome the chance to communicate while we’re on the move, but we’re not always keen to give our personal mobile numbers to business contacts.

Meanwhile, cheap voice calls made via broadband – technically known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls – come with their own irritations, such as dropout when the signal fades.

The technological solution provided by conXhub covers all of these bases and more. As well as being reliable, cost-effective and simple to install, it can turn your humble smartphone into a communications powerhouse.

You can add one or more mobile or landline numbers from dozens of countries. Or set up a professional switchboard with all the call-routing possibilities that implies.

In you’re phoning contacts in a particular foreign country, they’re much more likely to answer (or get back to you) if the number is local. In addition, when you

use cellular mobile networks rather than broadband, your chances of a crystal- clear connection rise sharply.

And the benefits don’t stop there. You can create virtual offices anywhere you want, save money with whichever all- inclusive plan suits you best, and bolster your green credentials by ditching that wasteful business mobile.

Mark Trowbridge, the entrepreneur behind conXhub, previously founded Business Network International (BNI), the networking organisation that is a boon for small and medium enterprises.

As you read on, you’ll discover why conXhub is catching on among large organisations and SMEs alike. That interest is likely to intensify ahead of BT switching off its analogue network in 2025.

At Elite Business, we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about conXhub in the months and years to come. With thousands of satisfied customers, it’s firmly established in the global communications space and is set on making 2023 a landmark year.

Whether it’s sophisticated analytics tools, call-forwarding or virtual switchboards, there’s a great deal to interest small business people. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you’ll find the answers in the pages that follow.

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