PwC announces alliance with CodeBase to “build a tech powerhouse in Edinburgh”

The professional services firm has joined forces with one of Europe’s biggest incubators to support Scottish startups

PwC announces alliance with CodeBase to “build a tech powerhouse in Edinburgh”

Given that Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn, it certainly seems fitting that it’s accustomed to producing successful startups. And now chances for tech startups north of the border are increasingly becoming even brighter. Not only was the first Scottish fintech accelerator launched in February but entrepreneurs in Edinburgh have just received another vote of confidence from PwC, the professional services firm.

Having expanded its Scottish team last week to help Scottish startups scale up, PwC today announced that it has partnered up with CodeBase, one of Europe’s biggest tech incubators. Together, they aim to further bolster Caledonian technology companies by increasing the size of CodeBase’s current presence in Edinburgh.

The partnership will see PwC getting a physical presence at the incubator, which is the home of over 90 startups. This will allow the firm to be on hand to offer advice to companies via My Financepartner, PwC’s business service for SMEs that offers support in areas like cloud-based accounting software, payroll and taxes.

Commenting on the deal, Stephen Coleman, CEO and co-founder of CodeBase, said: “The partnership with PwC allows us to both accelerate development at Argyle House on our journey to build a tech powerhouse in Edinburgh and for our companies to tap into the firm’s global expertise and networks.”

Kevin Ellis, PwC chairman and senior partner, said that the deal was part of the company’s “commitment to encourage innovation and support businesses to grow”. He continued: “Embracing technological change and cultivating a world leading digital sector is critical to job creation and the ongoing strength of business in the UK, including professional services.”

And with companies hailing from Scotland like Skyscanner and FanDuel having already reached the $1bn unicorn mark, this partnership looks set to further cement Scotland’s future as a startup hub to be reckoned with.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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