Making an ally out of AI: How the creative industry can leverage AI

AI solutions are being released quick and fast this year, with the current value of the global AI market expected to reach $1.81 trillion by 2023.

Making an ally out of AI: How the creative industry can leverage AI

AI solutions are being released quick and fast this year, with the current value of the global AI market expected to reach $1.81 trillion by 2023. This growth has prompted many people to ask themselves: “how will this change the way I work?” and “what does this mean for the future of my industry?”.

Perhaps few industries are as fearful of the pace of AI evolution as the creative industry – especially following the controversy that an AI-generated image won the Sony World Photography Award. The subsequent uproar in the photography community highlighted that many are just not ready for the way that tech is set to change things. 

But, the worries here may be in the wrong place. Those in the creative industry need to consider changing focus on how AI might take their job, and think more about how AI can make them more competitive in the market than their counterparts.

Although the idea of embracing AI might come with a sense of resistance to protect the human-side of creativity, it can actually become a key tool that helps to fill in the gaps that we need to succeed – providing opportunities to optimise how some of the more mundane admin tasks can be transformed. 

The industry needs to push this fear of AI aside, because the technology doesn’t have to be your enemy, in fact, if you embrace it, it can be an essential ally. 

Freelancers: Retreat or compete

At the moment, 33% of creative workers are freelancers – and in some sectors within the industry, that number is even higher. So, many creatives are working solo to tackle the challenge of balancing multiple projects at a time, combating administrative tasks that eclipse creative work, and dealing with the challenges of client relations all at the same time.   

AI tools can help you stay on track to stay competitive. In the industry, you might be the best digital illustrator there is, but if you are unable to stay on top of where your files are, and which invoice belongs to who, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

This is where investing in technology, such as automated content generation can help freelancers to generate regular, personalised content, providing a valuable time-saver that helps businesses that don’t have the resources to have a content writer. It can also run grammar checks to make sure that you remain professional and polished, and can cut your time transcribing audio from a brainstorm so that you can actually focus on turning those ideas into a reality to ensure you remain competitive. 

With greater democratisation of AI solutions, it will be of benefit to every creative, no matter how small or larger their operation is. 

Agencies: Smarter not harder 

For agencies in the creative industry, they also face struggles knowing just how to embrace emerging technologies to their benefit. Some leaders aren’t completely sure what to even make of the pace of change in AI, and what advice to give to the creative teams about how and when to use it. 

With more resources, larger companies have the benefit of getting to experiment more with AI – with space and time to identify different solutions that can help them grow. Leaders also have the ability to embed a culture that embraces these emerging solutions to improve workflows and productivity – in turn alleviating pressure on teams when they are stretched and improving client services during times of demand. 

This might look like streamlining your feedback processes, adding automatic deadlines and reminders for clients, or simplifying exchanges so the creative process is the priority – giving you the freedom to explore, try, and push the boundaries with more time. 

Taking advantage of AI is all in the implementation. If the industry looks to leverage AI smartly, it can support creatives in overcoming some of their common struggles, creating more avenues for inspiration and setting time aside for the work that truly matters to us. Imagine what you’ll be able to do with that time – more projects, meet new clients, and more time for creative exploration. Surely that’s the biggest benefit of AI.

Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson

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