London calling: new Startup Institute to shake up the capital’s business ecosystem

New accelerator firm to open in east London’s Tech City is set to tackle the large percentage of unfilled start-up positions in the capital

London calling: new Startup Institute to shake up the capital's business ecosystem

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in the current economic climate, very few things are a sure-fire success. Nevertheless, one sector that is going from strength-to-strength is the technology industry. And it is with this knowledge in place that career accelerator Startup Institute launches its first international programmes in both London and Berlin.

Already an established presence in Boston, Chicago and New York since 2012, the institute is designed as a kick-start for individuals seeking a career in burgeoning technology corporations. It will seek to build upon the capital’s reputation as a conducive start-up environment, whilst seeking to train new talent to fill some of the 5000 vacancies in the start-up economy.

 Run with the support of TechStars and Tech City UK, where it is set to open on June 2, Startup Institute will join the 15,000 fledgling firms opened in this east London hub in 2013, providing an eight-week immersive curriculum to mould would-be technophiles to the specific needs of the potential future employers surrounding them. The course will include four tracks in product and design, technical marketing, sales and account management, and web development.

When completed, Startup Institute’s London hiring partners will get access to a pool of well-vetted graduates that are already familiar with their companies. This means that nine out of ten Startup Institute students find a job within three months of graduating from the programme. In the US, Startup Institute alumni are making an impact at more than 100 companies such as HubSpot, edX, Boundless, HowAboutWe,, Upworthy, RentHop and more.

Aaron O’Hearn, co-founder and CEO of Startup Institute, believes the scheme has the potential to help diversify the London workforce in providing more skilled workers for unfilled roles.

“London has an exceptional workforce, but there is a risk that the city’s dynamic start-up ecosystem will not reach its potential due to the lack of the right skills. We’re going to help change that,” he said.

 “Startup Institute helps people develop the softer skills to help them make this cultural shift and become valuable start-up employee”

 Jon Bradford, managing director of TechStars London, added: “Finding the right talent is a major challenge for growing companies. What Startup Institute does by training, accelerating and orientating talent for start-ups will be an incredible win for London, and all of the growing companies here.”

Watch out Apple, these students and start-ups are your newest technological competition.

Amy-Louise Roberts
Amy-Louise Roberts

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