It’s time to put AI to work in your business

As a small or medium-sized business, you're no doubt aware of the powerful new AI-driven applications arriving on the scene

It's time to put AI to work in your business

Every software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider is touting AI integration, but you may be wondering if that’s all the AI revolution has to offer. The good news is that AI has far more potential, and businesses are now learning that they can automate processes and even avoid the costs of multiple SaaS applications.

At its core, AI is an automation technology, and the advent of large language models (LLMs) has made automation more accessible and relevant to businesses of all sizes. You can now augment your human resources with AI agents or deploy them to complete tasks, such as data analysis, that are beyond human capability. Virtual workers can handle tasks without the costs of recruitment, training, or management, at a fraction of the cost of human labour. The future lies in intelligent AI automation, with AI agents freeing up your human resources to focus on more meaningful work.

This AI transition presents a choice for businesses: integrate AI to achieve efficiency and gain a competitive edge, or risk being outpaced by technologically-enabled competitors leveraging cost-effective and productive virtual labour.

AI Agents: Your virtual workforce

AI agents can be interactive, engaging directly with customers or employees, or embedded, working behind the scenes to enhance operational efficiency. These virtual workers are designed to augment human capabilities, handling tasks from customer service to complex data analysis.

Interactive AI agents excel in customer service and sales operations. AI voice agents can manage enquiries, schedule appointments, and make sales calls, providing consistent and efficient service 24/7. They’re particularly effective at handling routine interactions, allowing human employees to focus on more complex, value-added activities.

Embedded AI agents work in the background, performing data analysis, document processing, and other tasks requiring precision and speed. By automating these processes, businesses streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve accuracy, enabling human employees to concentrate on strategic and creative tasks.

The benefits of deploying AI agents are significant. They’re cost-effective, working around the clock without breaks, and can be updated instantly to adapt to new requirements. AI agents are scalable, capable of handling large workloads simultaneously, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and accurately. They also provide consistent service quality by following protocols without deviation, improving customer satisfaction and operational reliability.

Transforming customer support and sales

AI is transforming customer support, with AI chatbots providing 24/7 service, efficiently handling routine enquiries and troubleshooting problems. AI voice agents take this a step further, managing both inbound and outbound calls, enhancing customer interactions and loyalty.

In sales and marketing, AI analyses customer data to predict buying behaviour and tailor marketing messages. AI voice agents follow up on leads, schedule appointments, and close sales, ensuring no opportunity is missed. This increases sales efficiency and improves the customer experience through timely and relevant interactions.

Enhancing operational efficiency

AI proves invaluable in optimising logistics and supply chain management. By predicting demand, managing inventory, and streamlining operations, AI reduces costs and ensures timely product delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

In human resources, AI screens job candidates, schedules interviews, and conducts initial assessments, speeding up hiring and improving talent acquisition. AI also analyses employee data to identify engagement levels and suggest improvements, enhancing workplace satisfaction and productivity.

The power of AI voice agents

AI voice technology is revolutionising how we communicate with technology. With rapid advances in AI voice, it’s now possible to deploy AI voice call agents, signalling the end of traditional call centres. There will be no need for physical premises, hardware, recruitment, training, or the limitations of human working hours.

These agents can handle a wide range of tasks, from customer service to sales and research, offering several advantages. They efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls, provide consistent service quality by following scripts without deviation, and significantly reduce operational costs by minimising the need for human call centres. AI voice agents can triage calls, handling repetitive inbound or outbound calls that don’t require human intervention, freeing human employees to handle more complex and strategic tasks.

Humans in the loop

Interactive AI agents augment your human resources; they don’t replace them. While AI agents can complete an increasing range of tasks, they can’t do everything. However, they can take on repetitive, mundane, or manual tasks, improving job satisfaction for human resources.

Training human resources to work alongside AI maximises the benefits of human-AI collaboration. Continuous improvement is essential to optimise outcomes for both humans in the loop and the organisation as a whole. Change management is also critical. Preparing employees for AI integration through training and support helps address cultural resistance. Highlighting AI benefits and involving employees in the transition fosters a positive attitude towards AI adoption.

Put AI to work now

The potential of intelligent AI automation is vast, and its capabilities will only improve. As AI technology advances, AI agents will be able to complete more sophisticated tasks, and it will become cost-effective to deploy embodied AI (i.e., robots) for physical tasks. Enhanced decision-making capabilities will provide deeper insights and more accurate predictions, improving decision-making across all business functions. Increased automation will further enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

The time to put AI to work in your business is now. By leveraging AI agents and integrating AI into your core processes, you can transform your business into a future-ready, AI-assisted organisation before your competition does. Embrace the AI revolution and position your business for success in the new era of intelligent AI automation.

Piers Linney
Piers Linney

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