Is now the time to move to the cloud?

Following the last few months of remote working, the way businesses work has changed significantly, as has the way they communicate.

Is now the time to move to the cloud?

Following the last few months of remote working, the way businesses work has changed significantly, as has the way they communicate. Many businesses are now considering a flexible, long-term communications solution that will allow their teams to stay connected anytime, anywhere, whatever the future may hold. 

Unfortunately, when working remotely, businesses using traditional phone systems and outdated technology struggled to stay connected. They were unable to seamlessly do the basics such as making, taking and transferring calls. As a result, businesses are now looking for a communications solution that pairs futureproof connectivity with traditional features, ensuring their teams stay connected both internally and externally. The ideal solution? A cloud phone system. Making, taking and transferring calls is just the beginning. 

Accessible from anywhere, cloud phone systems offer complete flexibility, with users being able to access their phone system from anywhere with a WiFi connection. ‘Moving to the cloud’ has been a buzz-term since before lockdown, but never more so than in recent weeks. Fitting perfectly within any comms budget, cloud phone systems offer built-in disaster recovery, meaning that you’re never disconnected regardless of whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road. Is it time for your business to consider a move to the cloud? 

What benefits does a cloud phone system offer? 

Video calling at the touch of a button 

Cloud phone systems are traditionally simple to use, but that doesn’t mean they’re not packed full of business benefits to make working life that much easier. First and foremost, cloud phone systems are perfectly suited for video calling. With a cloud phone system being accessible from anywhere, you can make video calls at the touch of a button. Many desk phones having video conferencing capabilities built-in and others offer the ability to download video calling apps. This is essential for the ‘new normal’, making conducting internal catchups and external meetings simple.

Improved remote team management

A feature that has become especially prevalent in recent weeks is the increased need for remote team management. In stark contrast to traditional telephony, cloud phone systems offer call management, call reporting and call recording as standard. This means managers are able to manage their teams regardless of where they’re working from. Call recording, for example, allows managers to offer training to new members of staff, remotely, as well as monitor the quality of calls. Call recording also allows for improved dispute resolution as managers and senior team members are able to get caught up in no time. 

Increased cost saving opportunities

A benefit that is more important than ever before for many businesses, is the cost saving opportunities that cloud phone systems present. Despite upgrading to improved technology, cloud phone systems offer significant cost savings. Calls are made using an existing internet connection making call charges much less. In addition, there is significantly less hardware with a cloud phone system which results in less engineer call out fees. Ultimately, a cloud phone system offers one, simple to navigate, monthly bill. 

On the move? Pick up calls across multiple devices

Most cloud phone systems allow for calls to be picked up across multiple devices. So, should you be on a call in the office using your desk phone and need to go out, you can simply flip the call to your business mobile and continue the conversation without the recipient knowing any different. This ensures no missed calls, and no missed potential sales. Plus, cloud phone systems are extremely scalable, allowing you to easily add and remove users as your business grows. 

Is now the right time to consider a move to the cloud? 

Now that lockdown rules are easing, businesses have different working setups than before. While some are continuing with remote working, others are returning to the office and some are offering something in between. As a result, now is the perfect time to be considering a new phone system that truly allows you to work from anywhere and ensures your remote team members don’t feel so remote. 

It’s not just the easing of lockdown that has got businesses considering the cloud. BT has announced that they are phasing out ISDN phone lines which power traditional phone systems, rendering them obsolete as of 2025. As such, businesses are urged to explore alternative, futureproof options such as the cloud, ideally before the 2025 cut off. 

This article comes courtesy of Duncan Ward, CEO of Network Telecom, one of the UKs leading business telecoms providers, part of Enreach. 


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