How to increase your productivity on the road

When your efficiency is absolutely vital, how can you make the most of business travel time? Mark Strachan, managing director of Work on Wheels, offers his insight

How to increase your productivity on the road

Efficiency and productivity are two of the most commonly used terms in business today; teams and individuals are under increasing pressure to make every minute count. Unfortunately meetings that take place outside the usual workplace will always cost more in terms of money and time; as well as the cost of the travel, being productive while you’re on the move is not easy. Business travellers often have to contend with slow or limited wifi, cramped working space, noise and the stress of delays, not to mention a lack of privacy and confidentiality.

For this reason, it’s worth seeking a little advice on how you can make the most out of your time on the road. Here are some tips on how to maximise your productivity on the move:

Prepare for your trip

Ensure you keep a schedule on hand of your full itinerary – including things like flights, meetings and event details – along with the relevant booking information. This will avoid a lot of added stress and cost you less time.

You also need to be ready for anything. Things frequently go wrong during travel, with delayed or cancelled services, missed transfers or changed plans. You should be prepared to reorganise tasks and redefine priorities when circumstances change. Also you should make sure that all the files you are working on are synced and available offline across your smartphone, tablet and laptop. It’s probably best to keep a paper copy of key documents as well.

Control your environment

When using non-private transport, the environment can be somewhat unpredictable and difficult to control. You may have booked a table seat on the train and are planning to work on some documents but you never know who will sit next to you or what distractions there will be nearby. Operators of airlines and train companies frequently provide facilities to make the most of travel time to differentiate themselves from the competition. However these facilities often just represent a compromise. Hiring a private vehicle could be a great solution, giving you the privacy, confidentiality and the space you need to work.

Do some big thinking

One benefit of being away from the office is that it puts you in a different environment, away from the distractions posed by colleagues. This may give you the chance to do some reflective thinking, consider decisions or generate new ideas. Take advantage of this opportunity – being productive doesn’t only mean performing tasks.

Take some time for yourself

When you have a clear knowledge of your schedule, you can work out what free time you have and how you can spend it. Get to know the city. Attend an event. Go for a run.

Work trips are often tiring and stressful, so it’s beneficial to take a break to spend some time exploring or relaxing, whether that’s taking a walk or simply unwinding in the hotel. Do some research on the place you are going and find out how you can make the most of your stay.

Mind what you eat

When you travel your usual diet may completely change, due to variable routines and different types of food available. However this change in your body can affect your energy, mood and productivity, making you feel sluggish and tired, something which isn’t helped by the extra stress of travelling. Try to eat healthy and light at several times throughout the day, so that you’ll be full of energy at all times. 


This article comes courtesy of Work on Wheels, the provider of luxurious vehicles that provide you with everything you need to carry on working whilst on the move, delivering you to your destination ready to continue business.


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