How can small businesses benefit from unified communications?

Adopting unified communications can streamline a business’s telecom infrastructure and facilitate flexible working. So how can startups find the right package?

How can small businesses benefit from unified communications?

Small businesses can maximise the benefits from communications technology more than ever before. However, it is still challenging to truly maximise a company’s technology investment. Whether businesses are aiming to deliver a fantastic customer experience or ensure that employees are working in the most cost-effective way possible, they still need to set the right strategy. So what can organisations actually do?

Implementing a unified communications (UC) strategy and technology platform allows businesses to improve communication and operational efficiency by giving staff and customers just one number across various devices. So, irrespective of the location, device and application, individuals can be contacted via a single number. This can also be used as the link for document collaboration and sharing.

Over the years, improvements in data networks in terms of speed, capacity and lowered costs have made it easy for organisations of all sizes to benefit from the features found in high-end UC platforms. For example, presence technology – a simple status marker on your UC page – helps your colleagues understand when you are busy in meetings. They can then decide on the most appropriate action based on your availability.

Customers will only call a company twice before taking their business elsewhere. UC can help prevent this by ensuring calls are not missed. Customers calling your desk phone will be automatically routed to your mobile or, if you are out of the office, be diverted to a colleague with the most appropriate skill set. Any voicemail messages left on your desk phone can also be accessed via email on any device.

Another benefit is that organisations become more effective because individuals can easily share knowledge and collaborate on the right devices, without having to flip between communication silos. For example, it is easy to initiate a conference call at a touch of a button.

Your work is not restricted by time or location; whether you are receiving phone calls on the move or working from home, UC helps support a company’s flexible working strategy. This added flexibility is a major factor in promoting a work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

If you’re currently managing your channels of communications separately, an expert partner can help you think about how to streamline your telecom infrastructure. Try to find a supplier that has the experience and expertise to tailor the right solution for you. The process starts with the business requirements first and then technology, not the other way round.

You can work towards a plan to create operational efficiencies and migrate towards a UC system within weeks. Cloud-based solutions can provide the advantages of minimising upfront investment, with future upgrades and ongoing maintenance support included within an affordable commercial package.

So whether you are a small business or a large corporate customer, it is clear to see that there are many benefits that can be achieved by implementing a UC solution. 

This article comes courtesy of evolve telecom, the provider of business communication solutions. 


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