Helping David to slay Goliath

Helping David to slay Goliath

Thanks to modern technology there are now ways of making your SME look and sound like a giant corporation. Here’s how:

Evolution can be harsh! Adapt or disappear. Evolve or die. And while Covid-19 finished off a lot of struggling enterprises, many of which were businesses with antiquated and outdated communication systems, it was business as usual for many others. Those which survived, and even flourished during the pandemic, were ‘more savvy’ with regards to technology. They barely skipped a beat.  

So what’s the answer? Simple: Invest in the latest mobile tools and technology. Telecommunications has changed and evolved dramatically in recent years. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is old hat. It’s outdated. No one wants to be chained to a desk, or dependant on an inconsistent Wi-Fi signal. Dropped calls are unacceptable. The future is remote and agile. 

The good news regarding the current telecoms ‘arms race’ is that the latest mobile technology favours the small business owner. Mobile technology has certainly levelled the playing field and companies such as ConXhub ‘ with its patented mobile technology ‘ are enabling ‘David to compete with Goliath.’ It’s important to utilise the latest cutting edge technology. This article highlights nine ways to fast track growth and boost sales, by embracing modern mobile technology.

1 ‘ Make yourself appear larger than you really are 

It’s a fact that big companies only do business with other big companies. Why? Because they know they can rely on the customer service and support that is available from similar size business. Many self-employed or smaller businesses make one huge mistake. They display personal mobile telephone numbers on their website. 

This makes your business look small, so potential clients with large amounts of money to spend won’t even bother to call. The solution to this problem is easy ‘ well, it is nowadays. Add a handful of additional landline numbers to your website, and direct these calls through your own mobile phone. The caller will never know they’re being connected to a mobile phone. 

And it’s possible to create as many new landline telephone numbers as you want, and connect them to just one mobile phone. That’s ingenious: One SIM card but multiple telephone numbers. One client of has more than 6,000 numbers to call out from and display. That also means 6,000 inbound numbers to one personal mobile phone.

2 ‘ Launch a business empire from your mobile

If you want to create the impression that your business is a giant multi-national company, you can. Alternatively, you may prefer to have a selection of regional offices across the UK! Create real telephone numbers in any one of 9,000 cities around the world. It can all be arranged in a flash and all of a sudden you appear to be ‘one of the big boys’.

3 ‘ How to boost your cold calling success rate

Boost your sales call conversions. If the receiver sees a local number appear on their phone, they are more likely to answer your call. Research has shown this to be true.

Potential customers feel more comfortable with local codes.

Darren Brace of EMJ (Emergency Medicine Journal) says: We were able to double our international sales call ‘pick up’ rates from 3% to 8%, simply by creating a local number ‘ even though our sales team is based in London. This had a massive effect on our bottom line. Thanks Adding new numbers to your mobile phone takes two minutes.

4 ‘ Enjoy Full IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

In layman’s terms, this means: Press # 1 for Accounts, #2 for Sales, # 3 for Customer Services etc. And enjoy all of this on your mobile phone, for the cost of a few pennies a day. IVR is a menu system that enables correct identification of callers, dispatching them to the appropriate person within your team. It reduces costs and maximises efficiency.  With IVR, it puts your company on the same technical level as any of the UK’s giant supermarket retailers. You look and sound professional, and your ‘organisation’ feels big and important.

5 ‘ Play music when callers are ‘on hold’  

This is one additional facility to make your business sound even more professional: By adding music when potential customers are ‘on hold’ it improves customer experience. 

6 ‘ Remote working ‘but in the office’ 

One other benefit of having multiple network phones connected to mobile devices is that it appears the person answering the call is actually in the office or at HQ ‘ even when they’re working from home many miles away. Mobile technology allows staff members to use their own personal mobile phones but when they dial out, the receiver only sees a central office number.

This feature is great for brand image. In other words, work from home but retain that corporate feel, even for part-time employees. As an added bonus, this new technology protects personal mobile numbers, thus maintaining staff privacy.

7 ‘ Save money on hardware

Forget expensive VOIP systems which require space on desks. This modern technology allows the use of personal mobile phones, thus saving a fortune on hardware.

8 ‘ Advertise ‘on hold’ 

Instead of playing music when callers to your business are put ‘on hold’, why not use this precious time to advertise your products. Alternatively, explain why your company is the best in the sector. You have a captive audience, so give them something positive to think about and get your message heard.

9 ‘ Crystal clear high definition (HD) sound quality

We all know how tiring it is to listen to someone speaking when audio quality is poor. Sometimes you have to really strain your ears to understand what they are saying. The internet wasn’t built for audio but the cellular mobile network was. It provides a HD quality sound. So, if sales are important, you require technology that gives a crystal clear sound.

You definitely want to avoid ‘dropped calls’ and ‘poor audio quality’ which may occur because of a less-than-perfect VOIP system or intermittent Wi-Fi. There are mobile solutions available, so use them. Don’t lose a sale because of bad audio quality. Top notch audio technology can be connected to both landline and mobile phones.

So there you have it. You can protect your privacy, create unlimited numbers, make your business look and sound like a multi-national company, and enjoy crystal clear audio. We highly recommend you take advantage of the latest mobile technology to elevate your business to the next level.

This article comes courtesy of ConXhub (, the UK’s leader in mobile technology. We empower ambitious SMEs and SaaS business owners with our patented mobile solutions.


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