Funding for app developers announced

For app developers start-up capital is notoriously hard to secure. Fortunately a helping hand has arrived in the form of the RAPTOR scheme

Funding for app developers announced

It can hardly escape anyone’s attention that app development is big business. Earlier this year Apple reached a landmark 25 billion downloads through its App Store worldwide – which signifies a colossal amount of revenue for global app developers. Given that it’s such a large growth area, it’s not surprising many entrepreneurs are interested in it as a market but investment for start-up app developers is a scarce commodity. Which is why the launch of a developer grant scheme is such welcome news.

Launched in connection with the Technology Strategy Board, Infusion and Cisco’s Big Innovation Gateway, RAPTOR combines all manner of support and tools for aspiring developers. Its prime attraction is its Start-Up Small Grants Programme, which offers cash prizes of up to £7,000. Additionally the scheme offers mentoring and access to cutting edge technology, as well as providing a secure test and development space that operates as a networked community for apps to be developed in a symbiotic and co-supportive manner.

RAPTOR’s key focus is to stimulate innovation in three specific areas. The first phase of the scheme, opening on September 5, invites developers to pitch network-based or cloud-based solutions based around three ‘problem statements’ in the areas of retail, transport or the environment. A part of the Big Innovation Gateway’s five-year initiative to encourage the growth of digital start-ups in the UK, RAPTOR is a great opportunity for urban-minded developers to get all the support they need.

The deadline for entries is September 30


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