Deliveroo launches new pop-up kitchen concept

Food-delivery startup Deliveroo’s new concept RooBox gives restaurants opportunity to try out new markets

Deliveroo launches new pop-up kitchen concept

Photo credit: Michael Franke/Deliveroo.

Branching out into new markets is a daunting challenge no matter how big your business is. Entrepreneurs have to consider both the costs and potential losses of fully committing to new territories. This is as true in the restaurant industry, as it is in the IT sector. Fortunately for the former, Deliveroo’s new pop-up kitchen concept RooBox offers restaurants an opportunity to put out feelers in new markets without risk slicing profits.

Founded in 2013 and already delivering high-quality restaurant meals in 65 cities across the globe, Deliveroo’s new concept aims to spice up the food-delivery industry even further. Launching in select locations across London, RooBox gives the startup’s partner restaurants access to fully-equipped remote kitchens as well as Deliveroo’s delivery and logistics services within a two kilometre radius. This means the delivery-only option allows restaurant owners the opportunity to test the waters without the risk of having to set up a new fully baked branch.

“Not only will this expand the options available to customers in areas of limited restaurant supply but also helps our partner restaurants expand to new areas at low risk,” said Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo. “[We’ve] taken a no compromise approach to quality and brought the kitchens closer [to the customers].”

And it seems that the concept is proving a hit with restaurateurs; having signed up to try RooBox out, both Tommi’s Burger Joint and Yoobi Sushi are now singing its praises.

“We are able to offer a quality menu to a new market without the risks of committing to another location,” said Valgard Sorensen, owner of Tommi’s Burger Joint. “We are looking to expand and RooBox has enabled us to test a local market and make informed business decisions.”

Definitely some food for thought for those looking to set up shop in new locations.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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