Amazon Web Services brings its Pop-up Loft to London

Aiming to school Britain’s startups in its platform and provide them guidance on growing their business, Amazon Web Services is bringing its pop-up to Britain’s shores

Amazon Web Services brings its Pop-up Loft to London

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Amazon has made no bones about its desire to give the entrepreneurial community a leg up; only a few short weeks ago the e-commerce and cloud computing giant announced Launchpad, the dual accelerator and marketplace that helps supply startups with much-needed rocket fuel. But evidently it has no desire to rest on its laurels, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcing it is bringing its successful Pop-up Loft to the UK.

Designed as a place where entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and tech enthusiasts can gain help and advice on building on the AWS platform and growing their startups, the AWS Pop-up Loft will be opening in Moorgate on September 10 and will run until October 29. It builds upon the existing Lofts in San Francisco and New York and will be followed by an upcoming Loft in Berlin.

London’s Pop-up Loft will help school entrepreneurs and startups on a range of subjects around the AWS platform. It will let them grill an AWS solutions architect; get live, hands-on experience with the AWS Management Console; gain insight into the broader applications of platform such as mobile and gaming databases, big data or security; and utilise the self-paced hands-on lab free of charge to learn at their own pace. Additionally, startups will get the chance to learn from AWS customers, VCs and incubators on the best ways to secure funding, as well as a chance to network with some of the biggest players in London’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The UK is a hotbed of innovation and London is one of the main places where we see talented, ambitious entrepreneurs coming together to test ideas and start new businesses that leverage cloud computing,” said Werner Vogels, CTO and vice president of “With the AWS Pop-up Loft in London we will be bringing together a host of AWS resources and some of the brightest and most creative minds in the industry to help startups across the UK. We look forward to working alongside the next generation of UK businesses and helping them to reach their full potential.”

For those whose interest has been piqued, we recommend you pay a visit to the Loft’s website to book one-on-ones, sign up for boot camps or technical sessions and learn a little more about the pop-up. 

Josh Russell
Josh Russell

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