Almost eight in ten UK chief information officers worry about finding tech talent

Brexit and technological advancements are causing tech leaders to worry about their training and recruitment abilities, according to research by Barclaycard

Almost eight in ten UK chief information officers worry about finding tech talent

Technology is transforming the way businesses operate. However, most UK chief information officers (CIOs) struggle to find the right staff to keep up with how innovations are changing the corporate world. That’s according to new research from Barclaycard, the global payment company.

Having commissioned YouGov to survey 100 British CIOs of companies with over 250 employees, Barclaycard found that 78% worry about their tech teams’ skills and experience. Furthermore, the researched revealed 69% think training tech talent is critical or of high importance to their companies‘ success.

Moreover, Brexit uncertainties have caused many CIOs to feel anxious about its impact on their workforce. Three-quarters of CIOs are concerned about finding appropriate talent in today’s competitive market and just over half of the people polled worry about their ability to source talent with appropriate technical skills after Brexit. 

Offering a more optimistic note, the researchers also revealed 64% of CIOs stated that their teams are from more diverse backgrounds than they were five years ago. Furthermore, seven in ten CIOs have more women on their team than five years ago.

Commenting on the results, Keith Little, CIO of Barclaycard, encouraged other CIOs to keep identifying and bridging the skills gaps in their organisations. “This could involve setting up new ways of working to better share knowledge across their business, reviewing training programmes or bringing in fresh expertise as the company’s technology goals evolve,” Little explained. “The good news is that most CIOs say their team is more diverse than five years ago – suggesting they’re already taking steps to ensure they nurture a wider range of skills.”

Finding the right people is always going to be a key driver to scaling your business. But you must also ensure your staff is updated on the latest technological requirements, which this survey shows is far from easy.  

Louisa Cook
Louisa Cook

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