Dressipi’s New Year’s Resolutions

Feeling fresh-faced upon its return from the Christmas holidays, Dressipi takes a look at the year ahead

Dressipi's New Year's Resolutions

As you can imagine, everyone at Dressipi from our stylists to the tech team love an opportunity to dress up. That makes our Christmas party a big fun event for the company. Alongside the eating and drinking, we also have another tradition that has a more direct effect on the business. Each member of the team gets to make two forecasts for Dressipi for the next year.

Some of these forecasts are just a bit of fun. For example, one of our team expressed their heartfelt wish for a colour printer and scanner for the office from Father Christmas. Most of them, however, are related to how we see the business developing over the next 12 months. As an example, one of our team confidently predicted that the number of Fashion Fingerprints would rise from over two million to five million in 2015. And in this way they could be seen as the beginnings of our New Year’s resolutions.

As anybody knows who’s ever resolved on December 31 that this will be the year they take up yoga, resolutions are as easy to break as make. But we’re a business that has built itself on learning how the minds of human shoppers work, so we like to think we have a pretty good grasp on telling the difference between the hopeful and the achievable. So here are Dressipi’s New Year resolutions for 2015, which we promise – fingers crossed – to have ticked off successfully by this time next year. 

Becoming the Mystic Meg of fashion recommendation 

The next stage on from recommending clothes based on consumer data (which is what we do) is using that data to predict someone’s sense of style. We’ve already started doing this in-store in a small trial with a partner in London. Next year, however, we’re going to focus on our Dressipi recommendation software so that it collects and analyses the nuanced data that allows us to predict more accurately.

Goodbye Great Portland Street 

We’ve been based in our little office just off Great Portland Street in London for nearly three years but now it’s time to move on. We’ve got our eye on new premises to house the growing team and plan to move in by May. We can’t say it will be quite as wacky or plush as Google’s offices but it will certainly be stylish.

Bringing those retailers home 

We spent much of 2014 in hot pursuit of new retailers who we thought would benefit from a fashion recommendation service like ours. It was hard work but it was worth it, as our pipeline is now filled to bursting with prospective new Dressipi customers. And now the hard work really begins because we have to implement those projects and get to the magic number of 12 retail partners by the end of the year. 

Consumed by consumers 

One of the things we’ve had to focus less on over the last year or so while we’ve built our recommendation services for retailers is Dressipi’s own consumer service. This is definitely going to change this year, as we devote more of our own team’s time to bringing the nifty features and improvements to the user experience that we’ve developed for our retail partners to dressipi.com. 

Sarah McVittie
Sarah McVittie

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