When is the right time to get into press?

Press coverage can often be left behind among the urgencies of starting or scaling a company.

When is the right time to get into press?

You may not have even considered that your business could make headlines on news sites and blogs. But an increasing number of entrepreneurs are realizing that press, or public relations (PR), should not only be in your business plan but also one of your top priorities.

The reality of modern business is that platforms are oversaturated with marketing content. Consumers don’t know where to look next, so they turn their heads elsewhere and tune out commercial advertising. Trust is at an all-time low. The modern accessibility of starting a business is causing widespread skepticism. As a result, entrepreneurs struggle to convince people to part ways with their hard-earned cash.

To lead your business to success, you need to buck that trend. Any money-grabbing PR ‘professional’ might tell you that any time is ideal for starting your press campaign. Experts know that is not the case. Before you enlist the help of a modern PR agency, you need an idea of your objectives because a lack of direction will result in a less impactful campaign. Once your aims are visualized, you can start building your authority through a press campaign in one of the following three scenarios:

When you know who you are

The one thing that should be above press on your priority list is establishing what your business is and what it does. Critical to that is identifying and understanding your target audience. PR campaigns are always targeted toward a specific group of people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. Having that demographic down is necessary before you get into press.

But knowing who you are isn’t just about the boring stuff. It’s also about creating a narrative around your company. Your press articles will make a certain lasting impression in readers’ minds. Whether it’s your ethos, personality, or company mission, you need to know what legacy you want to leave before you enter the press world.

When you want eyeballs on your brand

So, you know who you are now. Great. The vast majority of established businesses who have reached the PR stage on their business plan simply want more people looking at them. But before you invest in an agency to draw guaranteed eyeballs to your brand, you need to be ready for the mass interest that could be in store.

Be careful what you wish for is an overplayed cliché. Yet CEOs shouldn’t seek visibility for its own sake when leading a business that isn’t ready for growth. When you begin your research into PR strategy, your products and services need to be oven-ready, waiting for the next batch of consumers to open your door.

General PR is valuable and a common demand of today’s entrepreneurs. If your narrative is clear and you can fulfill the heightened interest in your business, positive press coverage could bring you increased trust and authority in your field.

When something is happening

If general PR has an impact, then newsworthy PR is a magnitude 10.0 earthquake on the visibility scale. Entrepreneurs who understand the importance of press probably aren’t the sort that relies on the same business model for several years. They understand the constant need to evolve and are therefore likely to have several notable events on the calendar.

We’re talking product launches, new promotions, or any event that might interest your typical consumer. Almost anything can be newsworthy, provided it marks a development or milestone for your business. The advantage this specific PR gives you over broad exposure is the urgency and relevance of a news article. You’ve got new, unknown information, and readers want to know about it.

While these three contexts are vitally important in deciding whether your business is press-ready, you most likely fit into at least one. After all, you’re so interested in PR that you read the entirety of this article. The important aspect to remember is that trust, authority, and visibility will distinguish you from your competitors. If you think you could be ready to become known, book a call with Two Comma PR COO Vivienne Benitz here.

Sabrina Stocker
Sabrina Stocker

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