The power of organic reach: Saving money on ad spend

Growing your business’s following using organic (not paid) social media is a lot easier than you’d think

The power of organic reach

Growing your business’s following using organic (not paid) social media is a lot easier than you’d think. Although it requires consistency and patience, regular posting to social media will increase your audience and save you money. It’s just like going to the gym. Work out regularly and you will soon see a difference, but turn up one or twice and nothing much will change.

Gaining organic reach with your audience on social media is not something that always comes easily; however, it can come naturally. Regular posting to social media shows audiences that you have a commitment not only to content creation but also to engaging with them and their interests. Plus, posting a lot is one thing but posting consistently with variety and purpose develops trust with your audience and pleases the platform’s algorithms that ultimately determine organic reach. 

Repeated posting helps audiences remember your brand. Even if audiences don’t see your first post of the week, they are likely to come across the second or third – regular posting increases this chance. By increasing your visibility and therefore building trust, you have a bigger opportunity to convert views and clicks on your posts into sales.

Of course don’t forget the golden rule of any content. You need to ask yourself, Is it providing value to an audience? That value could be knowledge or entertainment. If the answer is no, then don’t post. 

Currently there are many opportunities for organic reach using video posts. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels and allows video posts to get a lot of organic reach, especially if people are watching and engaging with the videos. Posting regular ‘how to’ videos or giving tips and tricks to your target audience is a fantastic strategy, rather than just advertising your product.

Tools like ShoutOut and Capcut means it’s even easier to create regular social videos. With ShoutOut you can even add your logo and custom branding then automatically create a branded video with subtitles from a video clip you recorded on a phone. 

It’s best to think of video posts as episodic series, just like Netflix. Create your content’s identity and produce multiple pieces of content in that style. The identity can be branding, camera angles, colours, logos or a title like ‘Marketing tips’ or ‘how to build a better mousetrap’.

Dan Gable
Dan Gable

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