How to go about supercharging SMEs with digital disruption

With increasingly connected lifestyles come higher expectations and demand, which only continue to rise as services develop further and become faster – and the economic benefit is there for the taking

How to go about supercharging SMEs with digital disruption

For every business that desires to scale, going online is the key way to drum up your customer base. To ensure you’re not missing out, the first step is to have a robust broadband connection. It’s perhaps the most significant and commonplace thing we all take for granted in the ever-evolving digital age we live in today. It’s used daily for so many things without us really thinking about it, whether that’s streaming Netflix at home or making video calls at work.

Looking at how digital can boost your profits and brand awareness, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to be where their clients are. Whether a B2B and B2C business – meeting sales targets can be hugely escalated by opportunities available through online marketing, given the target audience is on the web. And now before you know it, bad feedback on social media can cost you your reputation so it’s imperative to be vigilant.

Going digital is indeed a win-win situation for your company as well as the economy as a whole. Backing this, Doug Gurr, UK country manager at Amazon, said: “Embracing digital technology not only benefits the economy; it also allows rural communities to combine great quality of life with access to global opportunities.”

But it’s important to remember a good business comes with a reliable team. Today most workers prefer flexible hours which has resulted in the rise in the gig economy. Inevitably you require a strong internet connection so you and your employees are in the loop of daily operations.

However, with an increased online identity comes increased risks of hack attacks. From Facebook to Uber – even established companies have been targeted by laptop-wielding larcenists. While you might think only big businesses are vulnerable to get cyber-attacked, in truth, SMEs need to be as alert to keep the web criminals away. 

Concluding with the benefits the online industry has, head honchos have no reasons to ignore the web and must establish a strong online identity at the earliest. 

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