Discover the modern approach to website conversion

It is easy to put your website at a disadvantage before its launch. The right approach to website conversion is as crucial as choosing a web agency for your new site.

Discover the modern approach to website conversion

There are several examples of bias among business owners that can lead to an unsuccessful website build, even when paired with best-in-class developers. Web development has evolved from simple brochure websites into a one-stop service. 

Websites are now at the core of businesses, opening up global sales opportunities and offering cutting-edge integrations. Here are the preeminent causes for failure of modern websites.

Forget what you know about SEO

A website has been a prerequisite for businesses for years now. As a result, most business owners have experience of working with web developers which gave them a basic understanding of various aspects of a website build. Unfortunately, they rarely benefit from that knowledge.

As with any technology, the principles of building a website constantly evolve. Google’s algorithms have drastically changed, their crawlers are much smarter than 15 years ago. Relying on keyword stuffing and long paragraphs that target synonyms and slight variations of your main keyword are a thing of the past.

Forget 15 years ago. Last year alone Google has introduced page speed as one of the factors in mobile rankings on their search engine. With mobile traffic share exceeding desktop visits that one change could be critical for your ranking – and it happened just last year.

Make the website work for your customers with the content-first approach

Have you ever thought you did not like your current site? Questioning the efficiency of your website is a healthy approach, but business owners are often obsessed with the design. We don’t want to undermine the importance of a visually pleasing site but there are two important questions you have to answer first: does the website work for your visitors and are your concerns backed up by analytic data?

Simply “not liking” the design of a site you own is not enough. When building a website, making educated choices is the key to success. We’re all for refreshing changes to your website, but the main goal is for it to work to your business benefit. A website will only work for you if it works for your customers.

The modern website build starts with a copywriting process. Content is the one thing that tells your story. The design is equally important to present it to your visitors, but it’s not – nor should it ever be – the first step or a top priority.

Showcase your value proposition

This is where the content and design worlds collide. When showcasing your value proposition, less is more. Writing long, captivating stories about your business is appealing but leave it for the About us page – and even then be cautious about the length.

Keep your story and its design simple. You only have so much time to get the attention of your visitor. If your web agency has in-house copywriters, help them tell your story but also trust them. Desktop publishing differs from real-life marketing.

Your customer needs a clear goal when they visit your website. A goal you chose for them. They are visiting your site with a purpose but it’s up to you to take advantage. Distracting visitors with secondary calls to action or lengthy content will hurt your conversions. Focus on the benefits, not features.

Don’t guess, measure

As mentioned above, it’s vital to make educated choices. What’s the point of setting goals for your website if you’re not utilising the technology to measure the important metrics? If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

You can keep track of efficiency with a range of analytic tools, starting from Google Analytics, through heatmaps, all the way to anonymous recordings of your visitors’ sessions. Monitoring the performance of the website is as important as developing it.

Trust your web agency

If you trusted a web agency by choosing their services, you should continue with this trust throughout the project. Did they advise you to drop that slider you thought is perfect for your header? If they’re following our previous tip about making educated choices, your site will benefit if you take their advice. It will save you both time and money. 

This article comes courtesy of Nerd Cow, the full-service London web agency who are now offering a free website evaluation.

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