Claim up to £3,000 from the government to advance your company’s connectivity

When it comes to empowering your business here’s how a leased line can help to supercharge operations

Claim up to £3

We all know the rage that can be brought on by a sluggish internet connection, especially when it has a knock-on effect that inhibits your company from unlocking its full productivity. We’re living in a world where people, whether that’s customers, clients or staff, all expect to be constantly connected without any hiccups. But that expectation aside, few entrepreneurs can afford to have poor internet access as the web often unlocks the doorway to business opportunity.

Small businesses were responsible for a whopping £1.9tn of private sector revenues in 2017, which solidifies just how important their contribution to the nation’s economy is. Therefore, small-business owners more than anyone must be certain that their internet connections are up to scratch or else UK plc overall will feel the consequences.

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was introduced by the government in March 2018 to ensure small companies have a fighting chance. Against the cost of a gigabit connection, businesses can claim up to £3,000 with a goal to give them the tools needed to supercharge digital efforts. And fibre coverage will only continue to improve across the country as more businesses sign up, which will be a win-win for everyone.

How do fast and reliable truly translate into benefits for businesses though?

With leased lines, a dedicated internet connection provides you instantaneous connectivity that’s managed, giving you added security and reliability while ensuring business downtime is minimal.  The connection speeds are symmetrical, meaning you get the same download and upload speeds, allowing you to run your business efficiently at any time of the day.

Approved Food, the online discount retailer, is a prime example of a company that’s benefitted from a leased line connection. With a focus on online sales, the company sells nearly out-of-date but edible food and is able to run a comprehensive database of all warehouse stock with gigabit connectivity that has seamless speeds for upload and download. With storage in the cloud, data at its core and an e-commerce foundation, Approved Food isn’t pulling any punches to stay on top of its game.

This article comes courtesy of Virgin Media Business, the telecoms provider


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