Pop-ups par excellence

We explore how British retailers are forging success from the country's flourishing pop-up scene

Pop-ups par excellence

The pop-up phenomenon has turned our high streets from nigh-on ghost towns to the place to be, with tons of hot new products and outlets waiting to be unearthed by the astute consumer. Given some of our favourite retailers cut their teeth on the streets of Blighty, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share them with you and give them a chance to tell you how the pop-up experience has helped make them some of the country’s hottest burgeoning brands.

Maria Allen Jewellery 

Maria Allen Jewellery certainly stands out from your average high-street offering. Allen’s refined creations, made from etched cherry wood, silver-plate and brass, play with images of nature, typography and envelopes. Given Allen’s work has featured in Style Magazine and she recouped her pop-up costs inside a day – making £800 profit in her first week – we clearly aren’t the only ones who love her work.

“A lot of people  just called in when they saw the shop, but didn’t have time to buy there and then, so it was easier for them to go home or back to the office and go online” – Maria Allen, founder



The scarves made by NANUKK are truly things of beauty. Intended to stir up female customers’ imaginations, designer and founder Sarah McLeod’s creations are often influenced by natural forms – for example, the Wood Nymph pattern (pictured above) draws inspiration from the giant wood nymph butterfly. NANUKK’s silk is very much a jewel in the crown of our high street. 

“Being involved in the PopUp Britain store in the Department for Communities and Local Government building was the perfect ‘next step’ for NANUKK to take as a business. Being able to spend time listening to what customers thought face-to-face in the pop-up allowed me to develop further plans. I was so encouraged to see people’s reactions to the design story and inspiration behind each print.” – Sarah McLeod, founder

The *TeaShed 

The *TeaShed is a blend of luxury tea retailer and design collective, suffusing Britain’s favourite beverage with smart design and branding. Tasty teas such as cardamom-, cinnamon – and ginger-infused ‘Baby, it’s Cold Outside *Tea’ and the ‘Proper Mint *Tea’ mingle wonderfully with aesthetic design flourishes. And understandably, with its unique rebrand of our nation’s lifeblood, The *TeaShed  is taking the country by storm. 

“Pop-ups are undoubtably a fantastic way of showcasing your brand. Last month, we launched our first ever in-store *TeaShed pop-up in Fenwick Food Hall, Newcastle. It is already proving a huge success, allowing customers to try our different teas in a café setting and then purchase the ones they like afterwards. Our aim is to get as many people as possible to taste our teas as, once they do, they become a *TeaShed fan.” – Jules Quinn, founder & director

The Chapar 

Most men would probably think having their own stylist might be a little on the extravagant side. However, The Chapar is anything but, providing a convenient  – and free – stylist service. The only thing better than having their digital, direct- to-door service inject a little life into  your attire would be getting some hands- on time with their team. 

“Our concept will change the way men shop. Our time in the pop-up store is exciting and unique as we are going to use  a high-street space to build a non-high-street proposition.” – Sam Middleton, founder


The Cocoa Mistress 

Finding luxury chocolates, even on the high street, isn’t too hard. But white chocolate hand-painted with lime-infused green cocoa butter? Dark chocolate filled with raspberry and rose ganache and raspberry coulis? The Cocoa Mistress’s chocolates are in a league of their own and  alone make a visit to the new Richmond PopUp Britain  store very worthwhile.  

“The great benefit of being in a pop-up is seeing how your company is received on the high street. The Cocoa Mistress has been able to reach customers who would normally be out of her area – we had built a following in Kent but being in the Richmond shop has enabled us to gain a whole new set of followers from south-west London.” – Claire Izzard, founder

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