New findings reveal the benefits of song in the shopping environment

Survey from PPL suggests there are clear mutual remunerations as regards music's place in retail

New findings reveal the benefits of song in the shopping environment

Now, unless you’re an unfeeling zombie from a galaxy far, far away, there are certain songs which strike emotion into the heart of all who hear them. It comes as no surprise then that the latest survey conducted by music licensing company PPL exposes the positive aspects of harmonious tones in the retail environment.

Surveying 2,000 people, a mixture of employees and consumers in the holiday retail sector, the research concluded that businesses could bolster their profit margins, as well as spirits, through making music an essential feature of the purchasing experience. A resounding 99% of staff members spoken to were of the opinion that music brings with it a more positive customer attitude, portraying the company as modern and inviting, whilst 95% agreed that it makes for a relaxed environment, as well as generally more conducive to productive and enjoyable work.

The finding of this research highlights the importance of music within the holiday retail sector. It suggests that by putting consumers in the right frame of mind, it increases their likelihood of booking a holiday within the New Year peak-season, even going so far as to point out a lack of motivation to purchase in stores without music and with whom awkward silences between buyer and seller are a common feature.

Laurence Bresh, marketing director at STA Travel, explained these positive impacts:

“We find having music playing creates a relaxed and informal environment for both customers and staff. We are the world’s leading student and youth travel company and are here to help young people start their adventure. Having a range of music playing in our 50 UK stores creates a great atmosphere to allow time to chat to our travel experts and ensure our customers have all the tools necessary to create their ideal itinerary.”

So it would the stores are alive with the sound of music, and an unequivocal three cheers for that music to our ears.

Amy-Louise Roberts
Amy-Louise Roberts

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