Influencer or Entrepreneur? The famous names behind some of the UK’s favourite brands

UK influencers across social media platforms are taking the leap from social media to the boardroom, and setting up their own businesses in a variety of industries.

Influencer or Entrepreneur? The famous names behind some of the UK’s favourite brands

UK influencers across social media platforms are taking the leap from social media to the boardroom, and setting up their own businesses in a variety of industries. 

Moneypenny, the outsourced communications provider, researched thirty popular influencers across Instagram, YouTube and Reality TV to find out who have managed to cross over into the business world, without using their internet fame.

Instagram has a huge reach, with over one billion active users. This makes it the perfect place to advertise your business using influencers. 

However, these social media stars have seen a gap in the market.

Instead of promoting other people’s businesses, they decided to launch their own companies, with the majority setting their sights on the beauty industry.

Holly Boon built a fan base of more than half a million followers on Instagram, uploading makeup tips and tricks. Using this knowledge, she then launched her very own beauty business called HNB, selling various products. 

She’s not the only influencer who has followed their passion that led them to a new business idea. 

Influencer Ella Mills taught her two million followers how to eat well on a plant-based diet. This led her to launch her very own app, where users can find over 600 plant-based recipes, and other wellness resources.

Health and Fitness is another popular sector for influencers to expand their empires and there are plenty of Instagram stars that have successfully utilised the app to their advantage.

Having started out as a personal trainer offering sessions in the park, Joe Wicks kept the nation fit during lockdown and is now, famously known as The Body Coach boasting a net worth of £6M. 

In the past few years he has gone on to create The Body Coach fitness app and a series of cookbooks- proving that perseverance and determination pays off!

For many, YouTube is where the original ‘influencers’ began to take shape. The concept of making a profit from your content as an individual was made official on the platform, thanks to their Partner Program.

Over the years, many individuals have built a brand from the ground up, earning money from sponsorships, adverts on their videos and merchandise. 

Some YouTubers have diversified their streams of income outside of their YouTube channels, looking at the business world instead.

British influencers such as Elle Darby and Grace Beverley can confidently say they’ve cracked Youtube.

With Youtube successes under their belts, these individuals have now turned to the business world.

Since finding fame on Youtube Grace Beverley, generated an impressive £5.2m in just under a year from her multiple fitness brands. 

Between studying for her degree at the University of Oxford, she managed to find the time to grow her YouTube channel and launched her sustainable fitness label TALA. 

Since graduating, she has created the workout app Shreddy, a gym equipment brand B_ND, all whilst working for TALA to generate £5.2m in just under a year.

Mum-to-be, Elle Darby acted upon a noticeable gap in the market. 

Balancing family life and pregnancy, she found time to launch a luxury, flattering loungewear brand, Angelle. 

Many influencers have shown their commitment to executing great business ventures without relying on their names or fan bases in order to succeed. 

Youtuber and owner of Nuin fashion, Marcus Butler proved exactly this, he had faith that his venture would take off, and did not need his name to make a profit.

Traditional media still has room for the modern influencer, as Reality TV shows offer a platform for many big personalities to grow their personal brand. 

Food and Drink is a popular industry for reality TV stars to launch their own ventures. 

Both Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews from E4’s Made in Chelsea, run businesses alongside their busy celebrity schedules.

Spencer Matthews, who owns the Clean Liquor Co. recently secured £7m in funding. 

Similarly, Jamie Laing’s gourmet sweet company Candy Kittens, is now worth £5m.

The Fashion industry is also a sector reality stars have tried to break into.

Georgia Harrison from the popular dating show Love Island, has utilised her fame to step out into the business world and launch her own fashion brand, ‘GHX Style’. 

Her costars, Olivia and Alex Bowen have followed the same path, launching their own clothing line named ‘Exempt Society’.

It’s great to see so many influencers taking the leap into the business world. It’s inspiring to see people from all types of media balancing many responsibilities, and successfully launching their standalone businesses.

Let’s hope to see more people following in their footsteps, turning their passion into a profitable company.

Kate Cox
Kate Cox

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