How our Christmas visitors point the way to your most important meeting in 2024

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How our Christmas visitors point the way to your most important meeting in 2024

When I last checked in on how visitor traffic for my company website had behaved over the holidays, I found something interesting.

Like any business owner, I keep an eye on some of the key metrics that tell me about how my company is running. I’m particularly interested in the visitor numbers because although some CEOs might consider this a bit of an intellectual exercise, I’m hands-on enough to think of those numbers as old-fashioned footfall. 

For me, it’s not difficult to see behind those numbers to the businesses they represent: could it be the care home in the next street looking up commercial mortgages or the local takeaway finding out whether they can get asset finance on a new kitchen. 

The thing I found interesting was not so much how many people were checking in, so much as when they were doing it. 

I already knew that the pattern of the data shows we have a significant spike of customers on our website and reading our newsletters in the early hours of the morning. This speaks to many sleepless nights and business owners staring at the ceiling wondering how they are going to pay the bills. 

Over the holidays, I saw similar spikes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – which shows that there is never time off for a business owner. While others were eating turkey and falling asleep in front of the TV, the economy’s silent heroes were seeking to access funding to survive and grow their business.

Is “silent heroes” a bit of an overstatement? I don’t think so. At a time when the country’s SMEs are being battered in every direction, survival can be a big achievement. 

One thing business owners need to avoid, however, is burnout. Sure, inspiration may strike in the middle of the night, and although there is a lot you can do to help yourself, if you’re a frequent 3am visitor to the Swoop website, it might be time to earmark some business hours to tackling your funding issues.

Here’s what I’d suggest:

  • Schedule a time with the people who can help you: your financial director, accountant and bookkeeper will all have helpful insights
  • Figure out what would really make a difference in your business: do you need more customers, fewer outgoings (or a bit of both)?
  • Know your options: funding has changed radically over the last few years and your go-to sources might not be the best option for your business in 2024

The beauty of having a website is that we are always open when people need us. Otherwise we would be a bit like being a restaurant which closes for lunch. But while your problems may loom largest at the worst times, that’s not often the times when such problems are solved.

Andrea Reynolds
Andrea Reynolds

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