Hey Google, why are more customers preferring to do their shopping with voice-controlled devices?

Rather than sizzling in the sun on Britain’s high streets, it seems as if many customers would opt to stay at home and buy stuff through their smart devices

Hey Google

The summer’s here and the time is right for shopping in the street. Although, that may not be the case during this heatwave. In fact, it seems as if more customers would stay at home and have their Amazon Echo or Google Home device do their shopping for them. 

That’s according to Wiraya, the marketing-tech company. Having surveyed 503 consumers in the UK, the company found the average customer would spend above £195 when ordering through voice technology – rising to £232 for over 30s. Moreover, it seems as if utilising the power of smart speakers aren’t the only ways for retailers to leverage new tech to boost their sales as 36% demanded customer services across multiple platforms like mobile, online and on the phone. But these experience must be top notch as 85% would abandon a brand or service after a poor experience.

The importance of using innovations to drive new sales became even clearer when put up against Wiraya’s latest CRM Barometer. In this report the researchers surveyed 750 CRM and customer experience managers. Of them 18% cited a lack of modern tech as reason for failing customer satisfaction targets. 

Commenting on the findings Sam Madden, UK director at Wiraya, said: “The good news is 21% of UK businesses are prioritising existing customers more than prospects this year. The customer’s voice is represented in the top management team in nearly nine in ten companies and 69% of customer experience leads within a business have the authority to make the changes necessary to enhance the customer experience.

“For many, the answer is building in that crucial layer of automation combined with a personal approach that tailors the service to each customer segment. Thankfully the technology now exists to you enable businesses to do just that.” 

So despite the sunshine, retailers are advised to remember that there could be gloomy days ahead if they forget to invest in new technology. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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