Five tips for tech PR success

It happens to all entrepreneurs. You come up with a great business idea, develop a roadmap, and immerse yourself in all of the potential directions the venture could go in. But in doing so, you forget a vital element of starting a business.

Five tips for tech PR success

I’m talking about using tech to generate buzz for the launch of a new product or service. Beyond your own media strategy, you can’t afford to neglect maximizing the coverage of your launch in the press.

And it’s not just about acknowledging the need for tech public relations success. To get exposure in that publication that really resonates with your audience, you need to stand out in the saturation of emails, messages, and press releases in the inbox of the journalist you want to write about you. You want to get noticed—here are five tips to help you do just that:

Have a good backstory

Having a story that will intrigue prospective clients or customers is essential for any business. It doesn’t have to be a start-to-finish explanation for how the company came about—anything related to your ethos, motives, or inspiration makes you more likely to attract an audience.

What you’re aiming for is something compelling. You can draw it from almost anywhere. If you are motivated to get up and grow your business each day, there’s a reason for that. All you have to do is identify it and make it a pillar of your pitch to the press.

Highlight your credentials

Any article in the likes of Forbes or Entrepreneur about the new venture of a business person will mention the experience that got them there. I guarantee it.

The chances are that if you have found the next innovative solution in your field, there were building blocks in your career that helped you to develop it. Putting that experience in the spotlight will help to surround your company with credibility, making you more of a viable story for publications.

Put your leadership on a pedestal

Not only should your experience be a vital part of any public relations campaign, but your role as a leader is also just as important.

It makes things easier for the press and readers alike if they have a trusted, credentialed CEO or founder to point to as responsible for the new project. Making yourself a distinctive element of your tech PR encourages transparency and trust in your venture and its potential for success.

Mention your funding strategy

The audience could be many different kinds of people: potential consumers, investors, suppliers, and employees. All of them will be more likely to put time and money into your business if you have an impressive funding source out in the public eye.

I don’t need to tell you why financial security is important, but what you may not have thought of is the effect of where your funding comes from. Revealing a known, prestigious, and respected investor or investment source could make all the difference in getting coverage in the press and achieving a high conversion rate.

Make your product the focus

You’re developing a PR strategy because you’ve already devised a product or service you think has a place in the market. But stop and think about what you’re offering for a second and what it means for the everyday consumer.

What problem are you solving? How many people could benefit from your solution? Considering and addressing those two points in your approach to the press could make for a pitch a journalist will think twice about.

Ultimately, you’re bargaining for the time of someone with a platform. Above all else, the journalist needs to know the use case for what you’re offering and the context that will grab their readers’ attention. Ticking all of those boxes before they speak to you makes their life easier, increases the likelihood that they will cover your business, and lays the foundations of a successful tech PR campaign.


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