Five easy ways to use video for marketing

Video is a fantastic tool for marketing and thanks to tools like and videos are no longer difficult or expensive to produce.

Five easy ways to use video for marketing

Video is a fantastic tool for marketing and thanks to tools like and videos are no longer difficult or expensive to produce. 

That are also no longer a luxury used only by large brands and organisations, all companies can now utilise the power of video.

So, what type of videos are cost effective and simple to make? Here are five suggestions that are all with the reach of every business.

Testimonial video 

A simple testimonial video is incredibly powerful. People get tired of marketing messages but when your potential customers see someone authentically singing your praises or explaining how your product or service has benefited them it is extremely effective. It is also easy to get a short testimonial video recorded on a phone or computer and then post it to social or add to your website. All you have to do is ask a happy customer.

Video Podcast 

Thought leadership videos and video interviews are increasing in popularity. They are a fantastic way to inform, showcase happy customers, highlight your product or service or to provide useful information to your audience. Best of all they are very easy to produce. Just set up a Zoom or Webex call and record it. You can add your logo branding and subtitles using iMovie, Adobe or other systems or add them automatically using ShoutOut. You can post your entire podcast or edit it down to smaller chunks to use on social media.

LinkedIn opinion pieces 

Another style of video that is increasing in popularity is the LinkedIn opinion piece or short presentation. They can be as simple as recording your presentation on your phone and posting them to LinkedIn. They can be anything from reactions to recent events, announcements or your thoughts on a particular subject. These opinion pieces can also be a great way to get engagement on social media by asking people what they think about what you are discussing. With the right topic, these videos have the potential to go viral very quickly. 

Video reviews 

Video reviews are increasing in popularity and are well suited to both products and services. They are slightly different to testimonials because they are a ‘warts and all’ summary accompanied with a star rating.  If you have a fantastic product or service ask your customers for an honest video review, not only will you have some good content to post online or add to your website, you will also get some useful insights into what needs tweaking or improving.

Text/Slideshow videos 

People often associate videos with people speaking on camera, however you can use video to easily bring life to your still images and text. Create a slideshow video using still images with text overlays to tell your story. The power of still images as a story telling tool is often forgotten. There are many types of slideshow videos you can make. Behind the scenes videos, event videos, product launches, product activations, exclusive offers, showcasing installations or even corporate outings can all be showcased using still images, text and music.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use video quickly and easily for your marketing. Remember, video does not have to be expensive to be effective, and there is a place for authentic ‘lo fi’ video for even the largest of brands. The YouTube generation are now making buying decisions and have grown up with this ‘lo fi’ content and understand it. If you keep it short, snappy and interesting, homemade video content can be a real winner.

Dan Gable
Dan Gable

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