Amazon’s Prime Day creates roaring success for UK SMEs

While high street shops like Poundworld and Maplin shut down stores, Amazon proves e-commerce is the future with $1bn of Prime Day sales

Amazon’s Prime Day creates roaring success for UK SMEs

E-commerce continues to reap success. Indeed, as high street stores like Poundworld, House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer face scores of closures, e-tailers such as Amazon expand like balloons, supported with some 2,500 UK jobs produced this year. And judging by the sales during Amazon’s equivalent to Black Friday, the sky’s the limit for those selling on the platform.

Marking Amazon’s busiest event of 2018, Prime Day, the 24-turned-36-hour discount sale, saw over 500,000 toys and 400,000 beauty products fly off virtual shelves. And no doubt thanks to Britain’s baking-hot weather, sales of 287,000 items of clothing, 248,000 lawn and garden products and 190,000 pet products rounded off the top five of categories with the most sales.

But Amazon’s success didn’t end there. When breaking it down, the company’s own Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick stole the show as the top purchased items of the event.

As well as bagging $1bn worldwide, Prime Day served as a golden opportunity for Amazon’s deliveries. And by getting an Amazon Echo to South Yorkshire in merely 16 minutes, it did just that.

The e-commerce giant didn’t leave out the little guy either as many British SMEs also saw success through the tentpole event, one of which included Amer Khan, CEO of love2sleep, the bedding supplier. He said: “The buzz and excitement among Prime members creates a fantastic trading environment for businesses like ours and as each year passes, we’re seeing a sharper rise in demand for our products from customers both here in the UK and around the world.

“It’s a highlight in our calendar and gives us a timely boost for the second half of the year, when we hope to continue investing in our business and create more jobs.”

Given the UK’s success comprises a portion of Prime Day’s worldwide sales, Amazon will be wagging its e-tail with joy at the international shopping holiday it’s successfully created. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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