Ways to increase your visibility in 2024

Around five years ago, I started getting very intentional about prioritising activities which increased my profile. This wasn’t a vanity exercise but instead, came from the lightbulb moment that when I was more visible, sales conversations became easy and fun opportunities were in abundance

Ways to increase your visibility in 2024

Since then, I’ve always included profile raising activities in my business marketing. What I realised is that by being ‘out there’ as the face of my business, I was able to put a spotlight on what we do in a personable and engaging way. That lightbulb moment came when I started turning up for meetings with prospects, and they were already warm to the idea of working with us. They felt that they knew me because they had seen me on social media sharing relevant content and highlighting the strengths of the business.

So, what are these activities?

Firstly, it’s important to note that this is way beyond just social media. Social media has its place as the vehicle for sharing all the other great things you are working on, but it can’t be the only method. A banging LinkedIn post will get you attention short term, but unless you have these every week and they generate business, then it’s just an ego trip.

One of the best things I’ve done to raise my profile is to say yes to more speaking gigs. Speaking at relevant events gives you great exposure. You are usually listed on the event website, in the event guide and tagged in various social media posts in the lead-up to the event. On the day itself, you’ll get great photos and possibly video footage, as well as a slew of new followers who will likely tag you in their social media posts. 

Many people want more speaking gigs, but unless your bio is strong with a richness of other activities that highlight your USP, you are unlikely to get the sorts of offers you want. When I was developing my speaking career, I would speak at all kinds of places for the experience, hone my storytelling skills and get great photos and testimonials. Fast forward a few years, and I now have a professional speaker pack and personal website. I can say no to opportunities that don’t fit, and I can charge a decent fee for those which do. 

Other profile-raising activities I’d urge you to consider in 2024 include podcasting, writing content – ideally, a book, joining a board that’s not your own, having a networking strategy and looking at which awards to enter. These are the sorts of things that will enrich your bio and then lead to further opportunities. Some of these activities will have their own timeline, e.g. awards, and you can use those deadlines to formulate your 2024 plan. Others will require meticulous planning, which you can build out for the rest of the year. Ideally, you want to spread out each activity and ensure you behave consistently. 

Here are my tips to help you do just that in 2024:

  • Go beyond social media for professional visibility
  • Embrace speaking engagements for lasting exposure
  • Diversify with podcasting and writing
  • Join external boards
  • Refine your networking strategy
  • Enter awards

Weave these activities into a cohesive plan to ensure a consistent and impactful presence throughout the year, propelling you into the spotlight of boundless possibilities.

Sophie Milliken MBE
Sophie Milliken MBE

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