Working off the fat

The Apprentice: Lord Sugar lets three “no-hopers” go following viral video shambles

Working off the fat

In last night’s Apprentice – the fourth of the series – Lord Sugar was merciless with team Tenacity who lost the task of creating a viral video for Buzzfeed. They put together a two minute short deemed “offensive” by just about anyone with a shred of common decency, called Fat Daddy’s Fitness Hell.

Felipe Alviar-Baquero was filmed exercising (and panting) while fitness buffs made him repeat: “I am a fat daddy”. The video was branded “cruel” by Karren Brady.

All three “no-hopers” brought back to the boardroom were fired. Canadian social worker, Steven Ugoalah was the first to go, with Lord Sugar describing him as “a lost cause”. Not many viewers will miss the awkwardness he brings to their living rooms. 

It came as no surprise that former hypnotherapist and Goldman Sachs employee Sarah Dales was next in the firing line. She was right to conclude that the rest of the team had it in for her because having bravely stepped up to lead a team in the first challenge, her tactic of short skirts to boost sales impressed no one. Last night Lord Sugar told her: “People don’t have much confidence in you, I’m wondering why I should have confidence in you as a business partner.”

Project manager Ella Jade should have killed at this task. Unfortunately we have yet another example of a contestant failing to deliver in the very sector they want to go into business with Lord Sugar with. She proposed a company making documentary films “for the greater good”. No amount of begging could stop that wrinkly finger pointing her way and she was too shown the door. 

Lord Sugar’s zinger of the week: “The only way you lot are going viral is if you kiss someone with the bloody flu.”

Winning team Summit got 3,532 YouTube hits for their comedic cream pie eating contest video called Dare to Dine. Their target audience was 18-30, but James Hill pretending to eat a rubber chicken in two seconds flat or making vampire fangs our of dough would have been better suited for a children’s party. It was enough, however, to secure them just 200 more views than Tenacity. The team were sent to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to bathe in the volcanic waters for their efforts. 

And then there were 12! 

Ryan McChrystal
Ryan McChrystal

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