Why you need to avoid candidates who make these interview mistakes

Have you ever made a poor hiring decision?

Why you need to avoid candidates who make these interview mistakes

Have you ever made a poor hiring decision? Perhaps you took a risk on someone who wasn’t qualified for the role, or maybe you rushed through the hiring process because you needed to fill the vacancy quickly; either way, a bad hire can have a devastating impact on your business.

The problem is, it’s harder than ever to hire right now and this is putting pressure on companies to settle for individuals who might not be the right fit. In fact, our research reveals that while 79.3% of employers have felt infuriated by a candidate’s actions during an interview, one in 10 (9.7%) still go on to hire them!

Filtering out the best candidates throughout your interview process is crucial. And, according to our survey there are some key warning signs to look out for. So, here are the common interview mistakes you need to be aware of when hiring.


A candidate who feels the need to lie during an interview is someone you’ll want to avoid at all costs. After all, how can you build trust with a potential employee if they aren’t willing to show their authentic self?

Naturally, it’s not always easy to tell if someone’s lying. But hopefully an effective screening process should help. Plus, if you do manage to catch them out then it’s always a good idea to call them out on it to ensure they learn from their mistakes.

Turning up late

This is one of those interview mistakes that every employer can relate to. Surely it’s not difficult to get somewhere on time? Especially a job interview where first impressions count.

After all, it suggests that they have poor time management skills, which might not bode well for their career prospects in your company.

Good punctuality is crucial in the workplace; and you don’t want anyone jeopardising a contract with a potential client because they turned up late to a meeting!


While confidence is a much admired trait in a potential recruit, be cautious of this verging on the side of arrogance. After all, these individuals might not gel with your other employees and could rub them up the wrong way.

Of course it depends on the type of role you’re hiring for; and sometimes someone who is very confident in their abilities can be an asset to a small business.

However, if your interviewee constantly toots their own horn and fails to mention how they worked in a team to reach a common goal, this might be cause for concern.

Boasting about other interviews

Naturally, this is going to be off-putting to any employer. You want to hire someone who actually wants to work for you; not someone who’s going to use other offers as leverage to get to where they want.

Of course, it’s all part of the game; but it doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for a candidate to put you in an uncomfortable position. Be wary of people who act in this way as they might give you trouble later down the line!

Avoiding eye contact

It’s only natural for someone to feel nervous about a job interview. For that reason, they might avoid eye contact, or make little mistakes along the way. As the interviewer, it’s your role to help them settle in and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

However, if you’ve tried your hardest to put them at ease and they still don’t make eye contact with you then this might be a warning sign. After all, they might be doing it because they have something to hide.

Watch out for these interview mistakes

We know that interviews can be daunting and it’s only human to make mistakes. However, for employers that are struggling to hire right now, it’s important to be wary of these when considering whether they’re the right fit for the job.

Lee Biggins
Lee Biggins

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