Two in five bosses don’t provide mental health support for their workers

Although mental health awareness seems to have increased across the nation, employers aren’t getting to grips with it, according to new research from Personal Group

Two in five bosses don’t provide mental health support for their workers

Awareness about mental health is on the rise and there are many ways employers can help their staff. However, it turns out a large proportion don’t bother.

After quizzing 1,089 workers, Personal Group, the employee services business, revealed 39% said their boss provides zero mental health support, while 66% believe their employer doesn’t provide enough help. It’s clear many businesses are stuck in the past on the matter, given 80% of respondents recognise a general rise in mental health awareness across Britain yet only 38% could say the same  for their workplace.

As a result, employees want to take matters into their own hands with 58% desire more training from their employer on how to help coworkers struggling with these issues. For instance, 36% didn’t think they could notice if someone experienced mental health problems.

Commenting on the findings, Rebekah Tapping, group HR director at Personal Group, said: “It is surprising, not to mention a real shame, that such a large number of employees still feel there isn’t enough mental health support available in the workplace, especially surprising as the topic has significantly increased in awareness in recent years. 

“It is more important than ever that business leaders and decision makers break the culture of stigma and silence around mental health and start making it a management priority and ensuring that a range of support is available for those who need it.”

Thanks to the always-on culture, workers aren’t only more prone to mental health issues but diminished productivity rates. So if employers seek an efficient workforce, they have no choice but to listen up. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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