The state of office toilets has left half of employees appalled

So disgusted by what they‘ll discover, a tenth of UK office workers avoid going near the company toilet and 51% have felt appalled by the contents

The state of office toilets has left half of employees appalled

A survey of 1,400 British employees has revealed the harrowing hygiene habits in workplaces across the nation. According to the study, 51% of workers have been ‘appalled’ by the office toilet at least once over the past six months and 48% fear using the facilities in case they’re met by a putrid environment.

Such is the rancid stench that some have experienced, a tenth would bypass the toilet altogether if possible. This is largely at odds with the 74% of staff that believe they leave the bathroom as they would like to find it.

Disturbingly, 73% of workers would be more likely to wash their hands just because they’re in the presence of another, although it’s just as well because 68% feel disgusted when peers fail to do so and a third would debate pulling a colleague up over snubbing the sink.

There’s method to the unsanitary madness though, with the top reason for not washing hands including queues at the sink and hand-dryer as cited by 28%. This was followed by 24% putting it down to avoiding a dirty sink, 17% complaining of bad smells and 13% that just couldn’t be bothered. Throwing logic completely out of the window, 10% said there was no soap available and 8% said they were worried peers would think they had taken too long.

Seemingly, the toilet no longer just has a single purpose as it also includes putting on make-up, gossip and using phones. 43% of workers would rather get the task at hand done and leave, though 31% see it as a chance to have a break from work and 29% use their phone to play games and browse the web.

We really feel this really presents two options for company bosses: Firstly, start greeting business contacts with hugs. Secondly, keep a bottle of anti-bacterial gel on standby for use after those deal-closing handshakes. 

Zen Terrelonge
Zen Terrelonge

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