The power of positive thinking

Business coach Kevin Riley explains how setting goals, and then telling yourself every day you can achieve them, will actually work wonders in your pursuit of success and happiness.

The power of positive thinking

Business coach Kevin
Riley explains how setting goals, and then telling yourself every day you can
achieve them, will actually work wonders in your pursuit of success and

It’s all in the mind: Success, failure and everything in-between. These are the words of Kevin Riley, an accomplished business leader who is based in Leamington Spa.

According to Riley, you need to understand how your brain works in order to maximise your ability, develop your confidence and ultimately achieve your goals, both as a business owner and in your private life.

He says there is little point developing and building a successful business, if it prevents you from enjoying all areas of your life.

And the key to all of this belongs in those few small inches between your ears. He describes the brain as being a tool fully equipped with all the power anyone needs, to make their dreams come true.

His role, with leading franchise ActionCOACH UK, is to help people use this power to achieve success – which arrives in many different shapes, forms and sizes.

Riley says it is vital people understand their own Reticular Activating System (RAS).

This is the area of the brain which collects and interprets the data which surrounds you, filtering out unnecessary information, while allowing you to focus on the important bits.

To fully appreciate its usefulness, the RAS must be trained to absorb ‘quality data’ which is fundamental to helping you achieve your goals.

Set goals, visualise them and use daily affirmations, so that your subconscious thoughts will train your RAS to provide you with the relevant information.

By doing this, you have the power to invite success into your life. So how does it all work?

1) Set Your Goals

When it comes to deciding on goals, no size fits all but whatever they are, Riley advises everyone to ‘write them down.’

Until this has happened, they are nothing but mere dreams. And he uses the acronym SMARTIE to make his point – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced, Time Bound, Inspiring and Emotional.

Riley says one of his goals is to “do something charitable every week, through an act of kindness or a charitable donation, that genuinely surprises someone.”

He believes being charitable is good for the soul, gives him a massive psychological lift, and he particularly enjoys watching the reactions of those he helps through his actions.

Riley says he is always searching for the next opportunity to be charitable and believes his action inspires those closest to him to do exactly the same – including his own children.

He goes on to say he has also taken a charitable approach by using his knowledge and expertise to help business owners, by giving free coaching sessions in a bid to achieve his goal of “creating 150 millionaires in 10 years.”

2) Visualise Your Goals

The next step, after writing down your goals, is to visualise them every day.

Riley believes you have to try to visualise what success looks like? How it will taste, smell and sound?

He points out that everyone’s RAS is unable to distinguish between ‘real’ and ‘imaginary’.

Therefore, you must focus on your goals each and every day. He says “the more you repeat this activity, the more you train your RAS and take control of your destiny.”

3) Positive Affirmations

In its simplest form, this can be achieved by standing in front of a mirror and talking positively to your own reflection.

This will generate a feeling of confidence and positivity. Tell your reflection what you need to focus on, thus reinforcing vital data for your RAS to absorb, time and time again.

These can be comments such as ‘be gracious to everyone I meet today’ or ‘I must overcome all odds.’

Then repeat and confirm your positive thoughts throughout the day. This can take place anywhere – in the shower, on the train, in the car, walking down the 3rd fairway.

But always believe in what you are reaffirming, every time you repeat your chosen words.

Riley explains how the purpose of this is to train the mind to stay focused on its goals.

“It will strengthen your resolve and get you back on track should you waver off course,” says Riley.

4) Achieve Your Goals

Riley points out that by adapting steps one to three, it will put you in a perfect position to achieve your chosen goals.

“By harnessing the power of your mind, you will find that opportunities will present themselves in places you never thought possible,” explains Riley.

From this position of mental strength, doors which were once locked will begin to open.

With a positive and proactive approach, your confident mindset will be infectious, attracting others of a similar nature to gravitate towards you.

Subsequently, you will all help each other to achieve your goals.

This article was brought to you courtesy of ActionCOACH, UK’s leading coaching network. For more information please click here


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