The long and winding road to leadership

The long and winding road to leadership

A good leader is determined, motivated, proactive, always looking to improve and never accepts second best.

One thing which all aspirational companies have is a good leader. This applies to both start-ups and established companies. These are people who are always seeking to improve on success ‘ such as former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Work hard, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and rewards should come your way. These rewards will benefit you, your business, your family, and even your community.

At Vistage we describe personal struggles and achievement as a ‘Life of Climb’. Most business leaders will start at the bottom of the ladder and, to move this journey on to the next step, they must climb with purpose. And with every rung they ascend, they acquire new leadership skills en route. For mountaineers, the pinnacle of success is to reach the summit of Everest or K2. For business leaders it can be just as tough, but thankfully less dangerous.

For those who seek the pinnacle in business, it often comes down to strength of mind. Overcoming obstacles, not being downhearted by a run of bad luck, and never being consumed by the fear of failure. Any fears must be met face on, and put to the back of your mind. It’s about making journeys far beyond your comfort zone and dealing with those moments when you feel you can’t continue. 

There will always be successes and setbacks along the way. But thanks to your motivation, determination, creativity, planning, responsibility, innovation, decision-making and patience, you can reach most summits. However, it can be a struggle from time to time.

Although you are responsible for setting individual targets in your life, there are always people there to support you. We, at Vistage, have made it our business to guide ambitious people along their route to the summit. Our expert guides have already reached their own personal summits, and are ready and willing to help you reach yours. These men and women are in pole position to assist you in overcoming obstacles and navigating choppy waters.

These same people have acquired a wealth of tools and techniques from their own expeditions. With compass in hand, they will help you to plan and steer your path to fruition.

Our Vistage community have made these journeys many times over, with some following different paths to identical summits. There is often no definitive route, just an array of different options. And, of course, depending on other needs in a person’s life, some people choose to conquer summits which are lower or higher than others. Once again, this is not a problem for our Vistage members.

However, what all of our clients have in common is the motivation to reach their target. And it’s possible to start at the very bottom and reach the top. This happened to Vistage member Rob Goodman who is the managing director of infrastructure provider Showplace. He began on the shop floor and, in 2018, tapped into the skills offered by Vistage to help him during the final part of his climb. By clicking here, you can read Rob’s account of his journey from beginner to boss.

At the end of the day, you will only advance your career by constantly striving to improve, by making better decisions and learning from others who have already made that arduous but ultimately satisfying journey. We offer that support to keep you on track for success and we have introduced monthly events for your benefit. These are free of charge and have been designed for business leaders who wish to drive their companies to greater heights.

These events cover a diverse range of topics spanning everything from the ‘art of delegation’ to ‘understanding the gig economy’. For more details about our ‘CEO Climb‘ events, please click here

This article comes courtesy of Vistage offers a unique combination of resources for accelerating business performance. This includes one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring sessions; interactive workshops; a rich online library of content; best practices and webinars; plus words of wisdom from expert speakers. Vistage offer access to a global membership network of more than 22,000 business leaders.


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