The Great Re-ignition: Why people are giving up the 9-5 and discovering their purpose as an entrepreneur

The Great Re-ignition: Why people are giving up the 9-5 and discovering their purpose as an entrepreneur

The pandemic has impacted people and businesses worldwide, with millions of employees deciding to leave companies and pursue their passions by starting their own business ventures, creating a huge surge in start-ups and realisations around individual purpose. With so many people re-evaluating their lives and their futures, Roger Hamilton believes, with the right tools, this is a huge global opportunity to change our thinking and embrace the new way of doing business. 

While everyone is talking about The Great Resignation, and how people are leaving jobs for pastures new, there is actually a bigger shift going on here, with people looking to find a more meaningful and purposeful way of life. What we are seeing is the focus of where these people are going, and how they are adding meaning to their careers which is more important than what they’re leaving behind. This awakening is the beginning of the The Great Reignition.

With an estimated 20.2 million people recorded as quitting their 9-5 jobs in the US alone, we do not see resignation at all, we see record growth happening. This is the time that company leaders must ask themselves, am I reigniting people? Or am I giving people reasons to resign?

During the pandemic economies were closing down, many speculated that there would be a big crash, what wasn’t expected was the record numbers of new millionaires that emerged. With all of this new wealth emerging, we will see positive changes in the wider economic landscape whereby this wealth can be better distributed using the different waves coming, such as crypto and the metaverse.

In the coming decade, we are going to see a seismic shift in the way our societies, economies, and governments operate. Those who understand this will surf the biggest wave in history and those who don’t will be left far behind. This wave is far bigger than the industrial revolution and technological revolution. 

To fully understand what all of this means for the future, we must change our mindset and the way in which we operate together. This will be the adoption of Society 5.0. The Japanese came up with this core concept in 2016 and it was called, the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan and is focused on a human-centred society. The concept looks at whenever there is a huge change in technological advancement, there is also a huge change in human behaviour. This current stage in societal set-up follows the information society 4.0 which is now ending and leading us into this imagination 5.0 society. Taking this concept and applying it to the current context where people are opting to leave their day jobs and start their own ventures, we can see the fundamental differences between entrepreneurs in the information 4.0 society and future entrepreneurs existing within the digital transformation framework we can see growing daily.

Entrepreneurs previously had to make tough decisions about where they would focus their energy, whether it be insight, impact or income, whereas society 5.0 entrepreneurs can focus on all of these areas at once and use AI, AR and the digital layer to be both online and offline simultaneously.   It is also worth noting that these renaissance men and women create jobs as opposed to searching for one. 

What this means is that today there are leverage mechanisms that exist which allows entrepreneurs to not only make the income they want, but to also deliver the impact they want in affecting change. This links to one concept that has been the main driver for many entrepreneurs, the concept was written in the 70’s by Visionary and Futurist, Buckminster Fuller and is called ‘The Final Exam’. He believed we have enough technology to be able to solve the world’s problems and the main issue holding back progression was simply distribution. Take for instance poverty – poverty doesn’t exist because there is not enough money, the world has more than enough money, it’s just that it’s not distributed effectively. This concept points to the problem of human consciousness as opposed to resources or lack of technology as the reason behind why we have these problems. 

I believe we must elevate our collective consciousness to meet the vast advancement in technology to meet these challenges, which is why, instead of continuing to build buildings, I started building global communities which were all about human consciousness rather than the technology. And this is the fundamental basis of what the Great Reignition is all about, lifting human consciousness. 

Realising what our passions are is the first step to realising what our purpose is. Once we work at something we have passion for, the energy we apply will then lead to insights around what our impact and purpose can be in a much wider context. This is the shift in human consciousness that we are witnessing, as many people around the world are realising, they are simply not happy doing what they do for an income, they want something greater but have to balance the issue of having enough income to realise those passions and purposes.

However, once we determine what those passions are, what tends to happen, is we attract the income because we are giving energy to doing what we love. 

So, for anyone feeling a desire to elevate themselves and contribute to this movement of lifting our collective human consciousness to affect change in the world, start by surrounding yourself with like-minded people, find a network to connect with and begin reigniting your true passion, desire, and purpose.

 If everyone undertook this challenge, the world would be a brighter, better place. 

Roger James Hamilton
Roger James Hamilton

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