Ten proven ways to show your employees you appreciate them

In today's dynamic workplace, employee appreciation isn't just good practice and a nice to have - it's essential to the survival of your business

Ten proven ways to show your employees you appreciate them

With the wealth of resources available to support leaders, there is no excuse for any employee to be left feeling under-valued or demotivated. Building an appreciative work culture needs commitment and focus but need not be  overly complex i, not only will it make you feel good there are tangible business benefits, from boosting staff loyalty and satisfaction, increased engagement, productivity improvements which lead to   driving business performance. Here are five impactful ways to show your employees you appreciate them today: 

Recognise the value in each team member 

So many businesses make the same mistake of only celebrating the top performers or career related milestones. Leaders must look for ways to extend this recognition to their entire workforce, whether directed at individuals, teams or departments. Be creative about what you want to recognize and celebrate. This will not only drive appreciation, but also foster stronger team bonds and deepen everyone’s commitment to your organisation. 

Customise the gesture 

Our research found that 35% of employees prefer receiving a reward featuring their employer’s logo. This is proof that employees appreciate a personalised touch. And so, to maximise the impact of employee recognition tactics, employers must consider tailoring them. This might involve including a handwritten note of gratitude or delivering the reward personally. An easy way to start is to simply incorporate your logo onto gift cards or personalise your digital reward offerings with customised messages or video recordings. 

Embrace flexibility 

Our research reveals that 32% of employees are looking for roles offering either fully remote work or a hybrid arrangement for improved work-life balance. Demonstrate your appreciation by accommodating their preferences, where possible. Offer options such as late starts, early departures, or extended lunch breaks, showing that you prioritise their well-being and value their individual needs. 

Plan a team-building activity 

Treating employees to a company-sponsored activity creates stronger connections among team members, and with the company itself. The beauty of this gesture lies in its versatility – there’s something for everyone! While tailoring activities to your team’s preferences is ideal, here are some inspiring ideas to kickstart your planning: 

  • Embark on an escape room challenge, combining teamwork and problem-solving. 
  • Reconnect with nature through outdoor adventures like hiking or zip-lining. 
  • Bond over a shared culinary experience with cooking classes. 
  • Or make a difference together with a charity day, volunteering at a local charity or project. 

Addressing cost-of-living concerns 

With 95% of consumers feeling the pinch of rising costs, employers face mounting pressure to provide support. BHN’s research Our research reveals that 52% of workers believe their employers could do more to alleviate these pressures. To assist employees in managing their finances, consider offering appreciation rewards tailored to their needs. For instance, to aid the 70% of workers worried about grocery expenses, consider providing an eGift code that can be spent at grocery stores to help with their weekly food purchases. This little gesture will go a long way when it comes to employee loyalty!  

But are businesses actually showing their employees appreciation? 

The strategies outlined above should not be reserved for a quick fix when employees are already feeling low. The approach should be implemented into a clear strategy, which will keep morale high throughout the year.  

Our research underscores the significance of continuous recognition, with 35% of employees expressing a desire for monthly acknowledgment or rewards for their positive contributions. Consistent appreciation creates a positive workplace culture, enhancing morale, employee experience, and retention rates. Despite its evident benefits, our findings reveal that 43% of companies lack a formal reward and recognition program.  

If your company is one of them, I hope I have convinced you to make a change today! 

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