Teamwork helps to turn a dream into reality

In the world of business, no company is a one-man show.

Teamwork helps to turn a dream into reality

In the world of business, no company is a one-man show.

Nowadays, quality initiatives, exceptional service, rising costs and succeeding at doing business are commonly shared ownership issues. Yet, it must also be explained, that over-reliance on individual experience, competencies and fragmented cross-organisational frameworks may adversely reduce a company’s ability to succeed ‘ or certainly affect its chances of maximising its potential.

The impact your team has on your business is paramount to its success and growth. Let’s examine this statement in closer detail.

Teamwork is the key

Proven, positive strategies should be applied to encourage your team to work together, and towards identical end results. There has to be a common purpose, mutual gain and mutual respect. These strategies will keep your business on solid ground and will support your overall organisational goals. It is a fact that businesses of all sizes experience greater tangible pay-offs, and reach levels of optimal productivity, when the team works well together.

Teamwork is about spirit, attitude and enthusiasm. In a corporate world, people are more inclined to buy into quality outcomes. This gives everyone a sense of pride and will boost a company’s bottom line.

Enjoy Monday

How often do you hear a work colleague say: ‘Thank God it’s Monday?’ Not too many times I would imagine! We spend much of our lives at work, so why not make it a location which people enjoy travelling to ‘ even on a Monday.

When you provide an environment that encourages, promotes and nurtures a friendly, warm and caring workplace, the entire experience becomes more pleasant for everyone.

Life is more enjoyable and business should flourish. The end result is that productivity, morale and the company’s bottom line will improve. Begin by asking your team what they believe would enhance their work environment. Ask them to create a wish list.

You’ll be surprised at how little they really want. Invest in a new microwave oven, or better quality coffee, or unlimited biscuits, or apples, or a new water cooler. Look upon any such purchase as being an ‘investment’ not an ‘additional cost’. Perhaps offer them a few vouchers when targets are met and budgets are adhered to.

If your financial controller says these items have not been budgeted for, or that the company can’t afford them, then politely ask if the board of directors have budgeted for a 10% decrease in productivity that may arise through sickness or the loss of employees to another company where the workforce is treated with greater dignity.

Inclusion and involvement

Team members become empowered through their commitment to participate. Their involvement is paramount to a company’s ultimate success. Actively encourage co-operation through intra-dependency and greater communication, which will help to raise the level of contribution that everyone makes.

This type of involvement and participation strengthens a commitment to corporate values and vision. Employees will embrace the bigger picture if they are a valued member of the workforce and are recognised as being an integral component within the overall corporate hierarchy. 

Teams ultimately become accountable and responsible for implementing, measuring and monitoring results. The impact that good teamwork has on productivity and business success is immense. 

Action plans are required to build team concepts. Companies also need to review processes and outcomes on a regular basis. This ensures that team members are happy within their workplace environment and are successfully meeting their KPIs (key performance indicators). By helping your team to thrive and continually develop will, in turn, help your business to thrive and grow. Both depend significantly on each other.

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