Talent drought? It’s time to check your employer branding

Job vacancies are soaring, and competition for top talent remains high. But effective employer branding drives talented individuals to apply.

Talent drought? It’s time to check your employer branding

Job vacancies are soaring, and competition for top talent remains high. But effective employer branding drives talented individuals to apply.

In 2020, businesses on the hunt for new recruits faced an interesting paradox. Never before had entry level roles received so many applicants: one paralegal vacancy saw 4,228 individuals apply

But finding the right talent for the job has never been more difficult. HR teams are snowed under with applications, yet job vacancies in the UK remain at an all-time high. 

And sure, the pandemic is undoubtedly an extenuating circumstance. But the truth is, businesses have work to do on cultivating an employer brand that attracts the right people. When companies embrace their niche, they’re far more likely to attract candidates of the same calibre. Here’s why. 

What is employer branding and why does it matter? 

Employer branding is the story you tell the external world about what it’s like to work for you. From the policies and mission statement to inhouse tech capabilities and workplace culture. It’s a sneak preview into the full employee experience, and savvy candidates will usually want to know what you offer before they shake your hand. 

Weak employer branding will cost you a fortune. Cost per hire for companies who haven’t cultivated a strong employer brand is almost double that of those who have. Remember ‘ your customers are watching too, and they’ll vote with their feet if employees are treated badly.

Traditionally, businesses use branding to captivate consumers who align with their image. Customers aren’t just purchasing your product anymore; they’re buying into your story, your reputation, and your purpose. The same is true for employer brand, so ask yourself, what are you selling to new recruits? 

Where does employer branding end and employee experience begin? 

From the moment a potential recruit reads your job posting, they’re part of your employee experience. The listing itself might seem trivial, but applicants who read between the lines will discover vital clues about your approach as an employer. 

Including company insights and core values in the job description is not only useful for applicants; it sustains the company reputation and shows anyone who comes across the listing a sneak peek behind the scenes of their favourite brand.

To source the best recruits, your hiring process should be seamless, flowing naturally into the eventual role. Having a distinctive approach to recruitment will also help HR teams pinpoint candidates who best fit your culture. 

Whether or not they become a fixture in your businesses, candidates will share stories of your recruitment activities that could entice or deter future applicants. If the internal workings of your company don’t align with the external image, future recruits won’t know what to believe. 

The benefits of investing in your employer brand

Businesses need to embrace their own uniqueness in order to stand out to potential recruits ‘ who are you, but most importantly, who are you not? 

A company’s employer brand is twice as likely to encourage an applicant to apply, than company branding alone. So, you need to make sure this information is readily accessible to candidates. What are current employees sharing about your brand? How does the media portray you as an employer? Do you have plenty of content on your website to guide candidates through the application process?

Employers who put thought into the early recruitment stages will streamline their onboarding and induction efforts too. A hiring process that mirrors the internal workings of your business will help your new recruits make a swift transfer into company culture, without getting lost along the way.

Employees will sing from the rooftops about what it’s like to work for you, but only if the experience is a good one. Let your existing team handle your marketing; their personal stories can drive positive PR. People will write about you, and readers will want to be part of your workplace. 

If this isn’t enough to place employer branding at the top of your to-do list, 75% of potential candidates will complete their own checks on your branding before applying. Your future recruits are watching, isn’t it time you put on your best performance? 

Crystel Robbins-Rynne
Crystel Robbins-Rynne

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